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 Eltouny Elevators Company
Eltouny Elevators Company Construction
Eltouny Elevators Company is a leading company in design, manufacture, and supply of complete elevators and its components parts in Egypt and the Middle East. Eltouny is a private-sector group of companies that started operation in 1964. Our products are supplied to most of the companies in the Egyptian market and also exported worldwide.

With our long-term experience and development of technology, strict quality control, and know-how of more than fifty years, we have shaped the industry and defined the best practices as a mobility manufacturer. Eltouny Elevators Company not only has succeeded in putting customer safety first, but also offering our passengers a great sense of pleasure.

Today Eltouny Elevators Company offers a complete lift solution by becoming an authorized distributor and certified installer for renowned home lifts companies in the UK and Europe. Eltouny is proudly the certified distributor for Stiltz Home Lifts, Terry Home Lifts, PVE Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, and Acorn Stair Lifts in Egypt.
Alsaf is an advanced construction and Real estate Company that specializes in 3d Modeling, Civil Engineering, Real Estate, and Construction.
Alsaf is using odoo to intersect its 4 main specializations in a seamless one-stop solution.
Al Saqr Al Firoz Engg & Const. Co LLC
Al Saqr Al Firoz Engg & Const. Co LLC Construction
Al Saqr Al Firoz Incorporated was established on March, 2011. Over the last 08 years in business, we have become a leading provider in welding, fabrication, location maintenance, pipe lines, flow lines & process piping and skilled technical manpower supply services.
Anderton Gables Ltd
Anderton Gables Ltd Construction
Anderton Gables is an award-winning Project + Building Consultancy providing commercially aware, technical advice to a wide range of market sectors. The company operates across the North West of England with offices in Preston, Manchester and Sheffield.
Anthony Cranes
Anthony Cranes Construction
Anthony Cranes is een kraanverhuurbedrijf gevestigd te Antwerpen.
Callista zorgde ervoor dat de planning van Anthony Cranes volledig geïntegreerd is met de verkoop, facturatie en urenregistraties van de machinisten.
De visie van een all-in-one software werd hier gehanteerd waarbij ook de planning, een Odoo module is van het systeem en geen apart softwareproduct dat leidt tot complexiteit.
Arabic Identity for Contracting
Arabic Identity for Contracting Construction
Arabic Identity for Contracting is a leading end-to-end contracting company providing all types of building requirements for companies and mega projects.

The company’s expertise in this field ranges from helping in defining requirements and issuing tender documents to selection of optimal supplier(s) to supplying through our large network of suppliers worldwide or through our factories to providing maintenance and operation services.
BEVEPE Construction
Bevepe is een verfproducent en -handelaar. Onder de merknaam Paintfactory
heeft het bedrijf vestigingen in Brugge, Gent, Antwerpen en Hasselt. Odoo
Enterprise ERP is er in multi-company modus opgezet voor alle vestigingen.

Bevepe is a paint manufacturer and dealer. Their brand, Paintfactory, has different stores
located in Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp and Hasselt. Odoo Enterprise has been set up in
multi-company mode for all its stores.
BEXSOL SA Construction
BEXSOL Specialise in the Alveolar Multi-wall Dies, Feed Blocks and Calibrators. Our engineering, manufacturing and technological expertise coupled with detailed knowledge of extrusion concepts and solutions can just about cover all requirements of the extrusion industry.
Bouwmaterialen Vandevelde
Bouwmaterialen Vandevelde Construction
Van de Velde & Zonen wilde af van haar gedateerde DOS-toepassing en zocht naar één geïntegreerde bedrijfstoepassing die alle bedrijfsprocessen kon ondersteunen. Accomodata implementeerde Odoo Enterprise uitgebreid met een aantal extra ontwikkelde distributiemodules.

Van de Velde & Zonen wanted to get rid of their outdated DOS app and were looking for an all in one business application that could support all their business processes. Accomodata implemented Odoo Entreprise with some additional developed distribution modules.
Bureau de Gestion Rausch
Bureau de Gestion Rausch Construction
Le bureau d'études RAUSCH offre des conseils au métier de l'architecture en promouvant ses valeurs d'entreprise solidement ancrées dans son patrimoine historique.

Installés au Luxembourg et en Belgique, son offre aux clients publics comme privés se détaille comme suit:
• une gamme complète de services de conseils et d'études dans le domaine de l'aménagement du territoire, des infrastructures, des structures, des techniques spéciales, de l'énergie et de l'aide dans les pays en développement;
• des produits finis - en constante amélioration - répondant aux besoins des clients;
• des services de pointe accessibles aux travailleurs, compréhensibles par les décideurs, compatibles avec les exigences légales, les exigences de sécurité, réalistes et individualisés;
• en combinant au cas par cas des compétences de haut niveau, des logiciels d'analyse et de conception de pointe et des moyens de communication modernes
• dans une approche multi-disciplinaire et organisée, à l'écoute du client et des architectes.
CERCON Construction
CERCON General Contracting Company was established in 1978, since then it had grown to become one of the leading Construction Companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. CERCON’s had built during the 30 years of its experience an excellent reputation and established its presence and credibility in the construction industry of the Kingdom by participated on the Government Economics and Constructions plans by executed many projects in the constructions field which required to completed it the technical, management and human resources, in addition to the financial and services supporting which have been achieved by CERCON from its experience of many Government projects. CERCON with its team working on many construction fields.