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ATPCO is a quality general contracting company founded in 2011 by a strategic decision of Alsalimi company’s high management, to serve and build the group own projects
1st Horizon is a truly multi-disciplinary survey, mapping and measurement provider offering many complimentary services, nationally and globally. They were using many different software’s to manage their business and were finding the double entry of data and the fact none of the software’s talked to each other increasingly frustrating. After a discovery session with Sapentia they were very happy to have a software to do everything and to be bespoke to the way they work. They currently utilise CRM, sales and pipeline and project management to support the growth of their company.
5 Fingers Contracting
5 Fingers Contracting Baugewerbe
We have built a strong partnership with many of our customers and clients, which has led to the expansion of our business Across the Kingdom.

Seeking to be one of the largest companies in the Future, we now look forward to compete with the best in this profession.

The company has clearly developed through several different and selected projects over the past years, which has given us a lot of experience. Most of our customers come back to deal with us once again to get the best we can offer in all new projects.
A'Al Nofal Trading & Contracting  Est.
A'Al Nofal Trading & Contracting Est. Baugewerbe
We are Al-Nawfal Trading and Contracting Corporation, and it includes a contracting activity, another for the manufacture of bricks, and a third for transporting cement. The contracting and transportation activity covers most of the governorates of the Sultanate of Oman, while the brick factory covers the Wilayat of Al Musanna and the nearby states.
A. Faber B.V.
A. Faber B.V. Baugewerbe
Aannemersbedrijf A. Faber B.V. is een dynamisch bedrijf, gespecialiseerd in grond-, water- en wegenbouw, denk hierbij aan:
● Grondwerk;
● Rioleringen;
● Persleidingen;
● Drainage;
● Elementenverhardingen;
● Asfalt- en betonverhardingen;
● Beschoeiingen;
● Damwanden;
● Duikers;
● (Water)bodemsaneringen.

Wij richten ons op alle activiteiten binnen deze werkgebieden, verspreid over geheel Noord-Nederland. Onze opdrachtgevers variëren van overheidsinstanties, projectontwikkelaars en (bouw)aannemers tot bedrijven en particulieren. Er wordt voornamelijk gewerkt met onze eigen 28 vaste werknemers en enkele vaste, vertrouwde onderaannemers.
AA Engineering Trading Co. LLC
AA Engineering Trading Co. LLC Baugewerbe
A.A. Engineering and trading is a company specialized in American Boilers and Water Heaters, which excel in their high quality and liability and can even withstand the local climate and water conditions. Our products are one of the most reliable in the market and stand out due to their ecological efficiency and long life.

Owing to our wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated in more than 30 years we are able to provide you with reliable technical service, a quick installation, and ongoing support.

To maintain our performance and achieve the goals we are caring to develop our employees and provide a pleasant work environment while supporting a culture of continual improvement.
ABR Contracting
ABR Contracting Baugewerbe
ABR Is a national Engineering & Construction company that plays an effective role in the
Reconstruction and Development fields in Saudi Arabia. ABR Contracting is highly proud of its
contribution to the Development and National Economy. In 1990, ABR Contracting started its journey
where it had executed many projects that keep pace with the ongoing rapid development for the
Kingdom’s growth in Reconstruction and Development fields. This is for governmental sectors, private
sectors and individuals as well. ABR Contracting executes its projects by using the newest technical
methods and techniques. It also uses the latest advanced Engineering computer programs and follows
the latest quality control regulations. That is what makes ABR Contracting able to provide the best
technical features for its projects. ABR contracting company has served the Development and National
Economy for almost 29 years and it is distinguished for providing various services for different sectors in
the country. The company is managed by an executive board that includes the elite specialists,
consultants and professionals in the Construction business. They work hand in hand and that is what
helped ABR Contracting to become successful in providing top of the line engineering and construction
services. ABR Contracting always follows the newest managerial policies and control systems to
manage its projects and look after the plans, programs, and timelines. ABR Contracting always
guarantees to maintain the adequate resources at the right time, place and qualifications to perform the
projects on time and according to budget.
Empresa colimense que a través de un trabajo honesto y de calidad, hen contribuido al desarrollo urbano del estado de Colima con proyectos arquitectónicos y construcción de vivienda.
AMB Châssis SPRL
AMB Châssis SPRL Baugewerbe
L’entreprise AMB Châssis installée à Huy depuis 2009, est active dans la pose de châssis Pvc, Alu et Bois destinés aux bâtiments en rénovations et nouvelles constructions en Wallonie ainsi qu’à Bruxelles.
Depuis quelques années, elle s’est spécialisée dans la conception et la pose de pergolas, toitures de terrasse et une gamme complète de protections solaires.
Dès sa création, Amb Châssis a bâti sa réputation et la confiance de ses partenaires architectes et particuliers en misant sur le sérieux et la qualité des produits proposés, avec comme leitmotiv... La quiétude et la satisfaction du client final.
Choisir AMB Châssis c’est opter pour la qualité et la tranquillité.
AME Baugewerbe
AME is the official dealer for AGS FRANCE (Automatisme Grue Sécurité) in Qatar. AGS is manufacturer of security products since 2000, specializes in the implementation of technical solutions for cranes and construction sites.Specializing in the design and production of anti-collision systems, Aviation lighting and anemometers, AGS also markets on-board hook cameras.
Aren Group: we are a group of companies doing business in different sectors and industries (Property, Medical tourism, Tourism, Trading import & export, Consultation, training & conference managements).

As a group with such volume of work and operation we required a functional solid ERP system to help us manage our business process, control workflow and enhance our business performance in all companies,
ARQAN Baugewerbe
Arkan Al-Istisab Group for Contracting specializes in the field of contracting, restoration, finishing works, smart home systems and security systems.

We provide customers with all their services and meet their requirements.

We also have a staff of workers specialized in this field, such as civil engineers, management engineers, maintenance workers and trained manpower.

We work on implementing projects with advanced and different technologies to carry out their work professionally. Since its establishment in 2013, we have strived to perfection and professionalism at work

The vision of the Arkan Acquisition Group is to maintain its growth as one of the Saudi groups that works to facilitate services for the customer and provide his needs.

Since its establishment in 2013, we have strived to perfection and professionalism in our work.

مجموعة أركان الاكتساب لمقاولات متخصصة في مجال المقاولات والترميم وأعمال التشطيب وانظمه البيوت الذكية والأنظمة الأمنية ، كما نوفر لك أعمال التصميم المعماري والتصميم الإنشائي والتصميم الداخلي وأعمال الديكورات وكمان ستجد لدينا قسم التسويق العقاري والتطوير العقاري وأنظمه البيوت الذكية والأنظمة الأمنية.

نوفر للعملاء جميع خدماتهم وتلبي متطلباتهم .

كما لدينا طاقم عمال متخصصين في هذا المجال مثل المهندسين المدنيين ومهندسي الإدارة و عمال الصيانة والأيدي العاملة المدربة .

نعمل على تنفيذ المشاريع بتقنيات متطورة ومختلفة لتنفيذ أعمالها باحترافية. منذ تأسيسها عام 2013م اجتهدنا على الإتقان و الاحترافية بالعمل

وتتمثل رؤية مجموعة أركان الاكتساب في الحفاظ على نموها كواحدة من المجموعات السعودية والتي تعمل على تسهيل الخدمات للعميل وتوفير احتياجاته .

منذ تأسيسها عام ٢٠١٣م اجتهدنا على الإتقان و الاحترافية بالعمل.

نسعى دوما على تقديم الأفضل “يمكننا وأكثر“
AS building
AS building Baugewerbe
La société Atelier Wood est spécialisée dans la fabrication et dans la vente de
meubles sur mesure. Elle propose une large gamme de produits, allant du
mobilier de salon à la salle à manger. L'ensemble des meubles sont conçus et
réalisés sur mesure pour répondre aux besoins et aux exigences de chaque
client. Elle propose des créations robustes et durables, fabriquées à partir de
matériaux de qualité. Elle accompagne leurs clients tout au long de leur
projet, de la conception à la livraison, pour leur offrir une solution sur mesure
adaptée à leur habitat
AXIS Tech Estonia AS
AXIS Tech Estonia AS Baugewerbe
Axis Tech Estonia is one of the leading biomass energy solutions and steel processing companies in the Baltic states. It manufactures steel structures and customized products intended for a variety of industries. Whole-cycle steel structure manufacturing works are carried out here, including manufacture, processing, assembly and delivery of products to the customer. The factory with an area of 27 000 ㎡ located in northern Estonia and occupying a territory of 10 ha employs more than 300 employees and manufactures more than 7000 high-quality steel structures, equipment and system components for different purposes yearly.