Ariane Holding
Ariane Holding
A pioneering Qatar based real estate developer since 2013, Ariane Real Estate Company in Qatar develops and operates a collection of prime properties throughout the country.

Being an intrinsic part of Qatar’s meteoric rise on the global scale is a privilege. The responsibility to reflect Qatar’s progressive outlook and provide its citizens with world-class housing and communities is not a mission we have taken lightly.
A transformation of Qatar’s landscape has begun, and as the foundations of a brand new, vibrant hub for the people’s brilliant future has been set in motion. The promise of distinctive real estate developments, encompassing master-planned communities of optimal living quality and commercial energy is being created to fulfil the needs of an evolving society in an ever-changing country.

Our emphasis and investment into creating a portfolio of beautifully-architected properties can be seen, and felt, in every one of our projects. We specialize in real estate that continues to attract those who appreciate fine craftsmanship, innovation and commitment to long-term ownership.

Providing fully-integrated developments means being able to convert our clients’ visions into a reality. Our experience in developing real estate that has been either designed from conventional blue prints to custom-made, specific architecture is of paramount important to our entrepreneurial spirit.

It actively assesses outbound as well as inbound investment propositions, assigning capital to businesses and other vehicles that are designed to generate returns of financial and societal worth. With a focus on building a strong investment portfolio, our strategic focus continues to pursue development opportunities locally and secure advantageous acquisitions internationally. This enables us to provide a unique and strong development platform from which to source value. From our philosophy of synergy with our investments, we remain committed to strengthen our real estate value chain.

Actively managing assets is a core part of our business. We put our customers first, and invest in the skills and resources which help us understand them better.