BIG Challenge, One Solution!

Country: Belgium

Industry: Dangerous substances management 

Name of the Partner: DynApps

Main Apps Implemented: Projects, Timesheet, employees, leaves

Number of Employees: 44

A Complex Business to Manage

Fire brigades and other emergency response teams are no longer the only ones concerned with environmental and industrial safety. A growing number of industrial companies strive for occupational safety and a greener environment. Therefore, safety communication and information are two of the key elements in every corporate culture.

BIG caught this message early on and organised itself not only as an information center but also as an emergency response center, with at the heart of it all a user-friendly database on chemical substances.

Today, they are considered specialists in the field of classification, ecology and transport regulation and are working with fire brigades, civil services and various multinational industries. They offer a 24/24 emergency response service, product registration, and packing & transport advice. They also provide technical translations and specific training courses. 

Staff Management Made Effortless

Their staff management was simply chaos. They had their personnel’s information spread over 3 to 5 different computer programs. For example, the time-sheets of the employees were not integrated in the schedule and an Excel sheet was used for the leaves management and team rotations. This resulted in multiple inputs and complex outcomes.

The centralization and integration of the various administrative processes was therefore important for BIG. Thanks to the solution Odoo offered they were able to reduce the number of entry errors and increase the quality of the data.

"The central management of the data by Odoo has improved the quality of the data and reduced the chance of wrong entries"

Koen Haveneers, Chemical Database Engineer

For example, the Outlook agenda was integrated with the Odoo system and the leave demands and approvals were centralized and managed within Odoo. With the central management of holidays and working hours, BIG is now able to use the data to establish the teams’ schedules accordingly. 

Efficient Work Management 

One of BIG’s task is the creation of technical chemical reports. Thanks to the implementation of Odoo’s project management app, they were able centralize the management of hours done by their employees and their objectives on specific projects. On top of that, they were able to standardize their project templates. This way, with a simple push of a button, projects and task can be created and managed.

Moreover, thanks to the opensource nature of Odoo, the information processed can be further exchanged with other bodies such as VDAB and other departments of the Flemish government. 

About BIG
BIG is an non-profit association with the objective to evaluate and exchange information regarding hazardous substances, and how to manage them in order to assist companies and governments in their efforts to achieve better and safer workplaces.

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