Electronic Invoicing

Invoice Certification

Argentinian companies can now send (and sign) invoices in AFIP with Odoo.

Document Types

You can now select from a wide range of document types: from "Factura A", "Factura B"...to "Facturas de Crédito Electrónica MiPyMEs (FCE)."

Printing Invoices

With Odoo, you can easily print invoices that include all the required information, such as the QR code, etc.

Chart of Accounts

AFIP Responsibility Compliance

With Odoo, you can easily install the fiscal package that applies to your company, depending on your AFIP responsibility, with a complete Chart of Accounts.

Odoo Electronic Invoicing for Argentina


What can you get?

With Odoo, you get a wide array of specific reports required in Argentina to fulfill your fiscal requirements, in addition to all the standard reports, like: Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, etc.

Libro IVA Ventas y Compras

Quickly access and analyze updated information about how much you paid (and received), in terms of IVA, enabling you to make declarations to AFIP easier than ever before.

Reporting dashboard for Argentina

Functional Documentation

Odoo makes it easier for users to configure and implement the localization, by following the steps (and advice) found in our functional documentation.

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