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Smartclass - MRP V17
SmartClass - Services
SmartClass - Accounting
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SmartClass - MRP
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MMC Onboarding (previous Presales Smartclass)
MMC Onboarding (previous Presales Smartclass)

This MMC onboarding aims to give a complete explanation to Odoo Partners about our MMC (Mid Market & Corporate) processes & Methodology from presales to implementation. It consists of videos, reading material, and practical exercises. Thanks to this MMC onboarding you will learn how to drive an MMC project from different perspectives thanks to the professional experience that we gained at Odoo: 

  • Presales Expert: expertise on the presales flow (RFI, RFQ, ROI)
  • Large Account Consultant (LAC): expertise on implementation of large projects (initiation, implementation, upgrade)
  • Project Director (PD): expertise on the project management of large projects (budget, planning, internal team management, client relationship)

This course is the previous Presales Smartclass that is being revamped into an MMC onboarding. It's still being adapted at the moment. Thanks for your understanding and we hope you are as excited as we are!  

Technical Training
Technical Training

Odoo Technical training aims to train professionals at Odoo back-end and website developments

Partner Onboarding : Project Leader
Partner Onboarding : Project Leader

You're part of an Odoo Partner team and intend to be their next BA/PM star? This training is for you!

Please contact your Odoo Account Manager to sign up for the course.


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