Hosting Types

Odoo is available in different editions.

Odoo Enterprise is the licenced version of Odoo and is the latest version with all the apps and features included.
Odoo Community is the free open source version.

Porovnanie verzií
Local and cloud servers

Depending on the edition you use, there are different hosting types.

Hosting defines how you will access your Odoo database and what your responsibilities are towards it.

The Online hosting is the SaaS (Software as a Service) type

It allows you to access your Odoo database from the cloud.

Through a web browser, you simply need to connect to with your credentials to access your database. With this type of hosting, you have no responsibility to maintain your database as everything is managed by Odoo.

Key Features of online hosting

Internet connection required
No installation required
No server maintenance required
Migration to updated version included
Email server included
100% hacking-safe
Odoo standard (no cutomizations)
Odoo apps only (no third-party apps)
For this hosting type, only the Odoo Enterprise edition is available.

The On-Premise hosting is "local"

You need to download the software and install it, either on your computer or on your server.

With this type of implementation you are responsible for everything related to the running of the software. You must purchase the network infrastructure, power, servers, operating system, etc. You also need to maintain all necessary infrastructures to keep it running, safe, and up to date.

The On-Premise hosting gives you full control and autonomy of your installation. You do need to have fairly advanced technical knowledge in order to successfully implement and maintain this kind of hosting.

Key Features of on-premise hosting

Local installation
Customization possible (on existing apps or to create new apps
Third-party application installation possible
Technical knowledge required to ensure maintenancspan, back-ups, safety of data
Migration to updated version included
Full control, full autonomy and full responsibility
For this hosting type, both the Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community editions are available.

PaaS (Platform as a Service):

We also offer a PaaS (Platform as a Service),, which is a mix between the two hosting types mentioned above. It allows you to create your cloud-based database whilst having custom developments or third-party apps installed.

In short

Version Online1 On-Premise2
Odoo Enterprise
Odoo Community

1 Accessible from the cloud. No installation required.
2 Odoo is installed on your computer or server. Local access by default.