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4S advisory
4S advisory Administratívne
4S Advisory est un cabinet qui a positionné accompagnement en conseil financier et opérationnel des entités privées et publiques opérant en Afrique centrale au cœur de sa stratégie
6-pence WLL
6-pence WLL Administratívne
6 Pence is a management, HR, and corporate advisory house specializing in business process outsourcing and sales management.

At 6 Pence, we promise to provide direction, guidance and innovative services to turn our clients corporate vision and strategy into operational reality and success. With our expertise, we are determined to ease a business’ needs by offering outstanding services that sustain long-term success.

Established in 2005 in the Kingdom of Bahrain, 6 Pence also has presence in both United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman. The Company provides innovative and proactive services, designed to endorse customer satisfaction while increasing customer retention of our Clients. At 6 Pence, we consider Clients to be our business partners, and we work towards earning mutual successes.

We ensure comprehensive and effective solutions for employers, giving them access to top qualified and skilled candidates within their respective areas of proficiency when they need it the most.
AB Consultants
AB Consultants Administratívne
AB CONSULTANTS est un Cabinet de conseil en gestion et finance d'entreprise qui accompagne les TPE/PME tout au long de leur vie et quelques soient les circonstances
ADVICO-FRK D.O.O. Administratívne
Strokovnjaki v podjetju Advico, d.o.o. poskrbimo za vse tisto, kar vaše podjetje potrebuje za uspeh na hitro spreminjajočem se sodobnem trgu, kjer sta konkurenčnost in sposobnost prilagajanja sodobnim poslovnim modelom ključni vrlini za obstoj, stabilnost in uspeh vašega podjetja.
Podjetje smo ustanovili leta 2012, naše osnovno poslanstvo pa je podjetjem v Sloveniji in regiji jugovzhodne Evrope s strokovnim pristopom nuditi poslovno in finančno svetovanje, ki ga potrebujejo za uspeh. Skozi leta rastemo in krepimo svojo ekipo strokovnjakov na svojih področjih.
AIRON CONSULTING Kft Administratívne
Az AIRON cégcsoport szakértői komplex megoldásokkal rendelkezek cégmenedzsment, adózás, könyvelés és pénzügyi területeken. Régóta használnak Odoot(már az Odoo 9.0 óta!). Szakértőnk a személyes konzultációk alkalmával azonban rengeteg újdonságot, funkcionalitást és Odoo megoldást tudott bemutatni a partnerünknek. Vállalkozásunk ezen kívül folyamatfejlesztésben és a rendszer költségeinek optimalizálásában nyújtott számukra segítséget.
ALDABA servicios profesionales, SL
ALDABA servicios profesionales, SL Administratívne
"Aldaba Servicios Profesionales, S.L. gestiona los servicios tecnológicos de JEALFER, un complejo industrial textil creado en 1954 en La Coruña, España. Cuenta con una plantilla de 70 trabajadores directos, talleres auxiliares externos y un elevado nivel de innovación tecnológica. Desde su planta de la localidad de Boiro (La Coruña, España), diseña, produce y comercializa prendas exteriores de mujer y hombre con la utilización de hilos, tejidos y materias primas de alta calidad, procedente de la UE.
Mantiene un ""Brands Portofolio"" compuesto por las marcas Pertegaz, Viriato y Jorge Vázquez; estas tres marcas se encuentran en España y en nueve mercados internacionales, con un total de 300 puntos de venta, cuatro tiendas propias y Showrooms en Madrid, París y Düsseldorf."

Proyecto Turn Key enfocado a migración v15
AIDF vous accompagne depuis plus de 10 ans dans vos demandes d’obtention d’autorisation d’emprise sur la voie publique en France.

Notre offre comprend :
- La prise en charge de l’ensemble de vos démarches auprès des autorités compétentes (Préfecture, Voirie, Commissariat…)
- La location, la livraison et l’installation des panneaux de signalisation réglementaires (panneaux, barrières, tunnel…)
- Un accompagnement sur mesure lors de vos ouvertures de chantier (prise en charge de la mise en fourrière des véhicules gênants, balisage du chantier)
Abdullah Al-Moshyqri Advocates & Legal Consultants
Abdullah Al-Moshyqri Advocates & Legal Consultants Administratívne
Abdullah established Abdullah Almoshayqri law firm in 2016 and within a short time, he was able to earn the trust of his clients and built a remarkable name in the law sector. He is an expert in litigation and alternative dispute resolution where because of his significant experience, he was appointed lately as an arbitrator. Abdullah Al Moshyqri Advocates and legal consultants, located in Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, Bawshar. They carry out all legal works in all areas with high efficiency by our distinguished staff of elite specialized and experienced lawyers handling all types of legal fields.
Abdulmajeed bin Abdulrahman Al-Jeraisy Human Resources (Najdah)
Abdulmajeed bin Abdulrahman Al-Jeraisy Human Resources (Najdah) Administratívne
شركة عبد المجيد بن عبد الرحمن الجريسي للاستقدام شركة سعودية مساهمة مقفلة برأس مال 100,000,000 مائة مليون ريال.
مرخص لها بتقديم نشاطي التوسط في استقدام العمالة وتقديم الخدمات العمالية للغير وفقا للسجل التجاري الصادر من وزارة التجارة والصناعة رقم 1010373085 والترخيص الصادر من وزارة العمل رقم 14/ش م م.
الرؤية : تغطية احتياجات العملاء الكرام والعمل لنكون الخيار الأول لتغطية جميع القطاعات العامة والخاصة بجودة الخدمة المقدمة وباقات تنافسية وحلول مثالية لقطاع الأعمال ولقطاع الأفراد والتي من شأنها تحقيق درجة عالية من الرضا ونسعى لنكون بالقرب من جميع عملائنا الكرام لتقديم الخدمات العمالية مباشرة لهم من خلال انتشارنا الجغرافي بجميع المناطق الرئيسية بالمملكة العربية السعودية.
القيم: الشفافية - المبادرة - الاحترام - التعاون.
الأهداف: جودة الخدمات - احترافية تعاملات - البيئة المثالية للعمل
Adil Al Sulaim Company
Adil Al Sulaim Company Administratívne
A Saudi ِArabian company established in 2013 that specializes in real estate investment, development and contracting.
Advance Insight BV
Advance Insight BV Administratívne
Advance Insight is an IT consultancy firm operating in Europe, West Africa and East Africa. The company is closely related to Advance Consulting, a business development
consultancy firm operating in Africa, Asia and Latin America since 1999. Our North Star is to contribute to the development of vibrant, green and inclusive SMEs in the Agri-food and Renewable Energy sectors. We support clients in emerging markets with the technology required to transform their companies, with the goal of professionalizing, streamlining and growing their businesses. In addition to standard Odoo implementations, we use Odoo as a platform all our digital solutions.
Al Tafaouq Al Elmi
Al Tafaouq Al Elmi Administratívne
Established in 2004, Al Tafaouq Al Elmi, is a highly successful training and management consultancy based in Abu Dhabi. Licensed by The Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training; and one of the preferred training partners by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.

They are an ‘Authorized Innovation Provider’ by Global Innovation Institute (GInI®). They deliver all of GInI’s certifications training (CInP®, CDTP®, CInS®, CCInO® and AInA®). They support organizations to know their level of Innovation Maturity, assess their Innovation Labs, Business Incubators, and Accelerator Programs. 

Al Tafaouq Al Elmi is the strategic partner for the UK based leading assessment organization AQR International in the GCC region. This strategic partnership enables us to utilize the Mental Toughness (MTQ) measure as well as the Integrated Leadership Measure (ILM72) in assessment projects, training and coaching programs. Our expert and highly experienced consultants deliver a range of face-to-face and online live training courses that cover different business areas including: Leadership and Management, Creativity and Innovation; Human Resource and Training, Finance and Accounting, Secretarial and Office Management as well as Personal Skills and Self Development.
Al Zawaj Org
Al Zawaj Org Administratívne
Charity Association, acting as a family guidance, helping young people to get married by supporting them financially, located in Jeddah, KSA. established in 1989 under the supervision of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development.
Al-Ra’idah for Human Resources
Al-Ra’idah for Human Resources Administratívne

Al-Ra’idah for Human Resources is a name full of meaning and goals. We seek to outline the steps and devote attention to all requirements compatible with ambition by using analytical methods and advanced technologies that contribute to selecting efficient and accurate cadres.
Albanian Football Association
Albanian Football Association Administratívne
Albania Federation Football is one of the top ten institutions in Albania.

2016 was the first year in history for Albania to be qualified and participate in Uefa Euro Championship. The federation has advanced a lot during the last years by managing to build new headquarters in Tirana with high standards and renovate the main Stadium by building a masterpiece in the center of capital.

Parallel with this projects they have been involved in developing their technology and the way how they manage everything. First when we met them they were using only an old local accounting software and we proposed them to move in an all in one platform like Odoo for all their departments.

As their team is highly professional it took a lot of meetings and live presentations to convince them why Odoo was the right ERP to go in comparison with navision or sap. A strong point of the discussions was our intention to gather all their needs only on Odoo. Zero wanted to make every operation easy to manage by changing the way how they were working earlier, which is related with our vision too.

The implementation has been a challenge as they have a lot of staff but Zero works with Odoo standards. We have been following the right path with the help of our account manager and the brilliant work of our Director of Implementation and everything has been done regarding Odoo implementation methodology.

Same time we need to accept that they are a pioneer in Albania in embracing new technologies and moving forward in the digital age. Every department and all the details of the institutions are moving to Odoo cloud and we are so excited to hear their experience after some time while being along them step by step and support them for every need.