Lab Society is Making Every Second Count

Headquarters: Boulder, CO (USA)
Number of Employees: 25

Industry: Manufacturing (Laboratory Equipment)

Apps Implemented: Sales, Accounting, Invoicing, Manufacturing, Inventory Management, and CRM

The Early Days

Starting a laboratory from the ground up is a costly and time consuming process. Finding a location to house all the equipment is the first step, but what follows can quickly become overwhelming. For instance, layouts and designs for the lab have to be planned out, equipment has to be quoted, and quality has to be assured. Everything a lab needs must be bought then transported safely before the equipment can be installed and ready for use. It can be a daunting task for anyone looking to get started. In the Boulder, Colorado area starting a lab is even more difficult after realizing there isn’t a business readily available to supply such scientific endeavours. It was against these tremendous odds that Lab Society opened for business to fill a niche in this complex industry.

It wasn’t always easy or glamourous, for that matter. In fact, according to Lab Society’s founder and CEO Michael Maibach, “Lab Society got started in a garage… working off of little laptops on a plastic table.” Starting from such humble beginnings, Lab Society is now outfitting labs big and small offering “top-of-the-line chemistry equipment and laboratory products.”

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Lab Growth

Like most businesses, in the beginning Lab Society started small. But as word of mouth spread, they quickly grew. They found success early and rapidly but it presented several problems. Because Lab Society was using several different applications and keeping different aspects of the business segmented, they were running into difficulties.

"[Odoo] is very integrated, it's very easy for me to understand," and enables the company to continue to operate.

Taylor Martucci, Business Manager for Lab Society

For starters “there was just no accuracy,” As Eric Gang, Director of Technology at Lab Society explains. For instance, accounting was done in QuickBooks but that program didn't communicate with other parts of the business resulting in errors from duplicates. Thankfully, Odoo's integration reduces inaccuracies of that nature. When all of a company's business applications talk to each other in real time, processes become streamlined allowing a company to move work faster and more efficiently. Lab Society's Business Manager, Taylor Martucci, goes on to say that "[Odoo] is very integrated, it's very easy for me to understand," and enables the company to continue to operate.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Made in the USA

One of the ways Lab Society cuts down on costs and time is by using a 3-D printer for prototyping. This cuts down on wait times in both directions by eliminating the need to send materials overseas and have them sent back to Colorado. Efficiency is further increased since every piece of equipment Lab Society creates using this method can undergo multiple rounds of tests before it gets released to the public. They do this while maintaining quality standards and a price match assurance on their products.

“ [Odoo] streamlines the shipping and receiving process and makes inventory control a breeze."

CJ Bullock, Warehouse Manager for Lab Society

When you’re shipping out hundreds of pieces of laboratory equipment, it can be challenging to keep track of everything that is in stock at any given time. By using barcodes in Odoo Inventory CJ Bullock, Warehouse Manager at Lab Society, can easily find products and items on the Lab Society shelves. Bullock even goes on to say that Odoo “streamlines the shipping and receiving process and makes inventory control a breeze."

Growing with Odoo

Lab Society has been very happy with Odoo and how integrated its applications are. So much so they are using Odoo in every aspect of their business. “We literally are controlling our manufacturing process, our shipping, delivery, sales, accounting, we’re even using it for project flow at this point. We’re trying to integrate the platform for every aspect that we can possibly use it for.

“Odoo has not only revolutionized our business but it’s saved us from disaster.”

Michael Maibach, Founder and CEO of Lab Society

Maibach has even gone so far as to say, “Odoo has not only revolutionized our business but it’s saved us from disaster.” And what a disaster it could have been. As Lab Society’s business quickly grew, so too grew the needs of the ERP they were using. Previous systems didn’t work as well either by not scaling up or by not offering the sorts of tools they sought in further developing the business.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

- Lab Society's Headquarters

About Lab Society

Lab Society is your source for top-of-the-line chemistry equipment and laboratory products; constantly striving to manufacture and source the highest quality and most affordable scientific equipment on the market. Not only does Lab Society save your business time and money on equipment, but they also help design and build your perfect laboratory.

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Odoo CMS - a big picture

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