Stand-alone module

News feed

Get instant access to the latest discussed topics in your company and keep track of the conversations you follow.


Notifications inbox/dashboard provides a bird's eye view of the followed records. Notifications are displayed for all tracked changes (e.g., stage changed, task ready) in the systray.

Obľúbená hviezdička

Označte hviezdičkou správy s dôležitým obsahom, aby ste ich ľahko našli v zozname označenom hviezdičkou.

Súkromné ​​skupiny

Vytvorte neverejné skupiny a pozvite užívateľov.


User status indicators throughout Odoo chatter and DMs. See what colleagues are up to by checking if they are online, offline, away, or out of the office.

Manage participants

Invite participants in private groups and restrict access to channels to a selected group of employee.

Chat window

Turn a conversation into a chat session to keep chatting while switching modules.

Mailing List

Vyberte, či chcete odosielať správy e-mailom, aby sa kanál mohol správať ako zoznam adries.


Uveďte používateľov služby Odoo (@odoo_username) v konverzáciách a dokonca aj kanály (#channel_name).


Start chatting with other users from the command palette on the home (Ctrl+K). Open a DM chat with a user when clicking on the @mention, both on a DM chat/chatter or a user's member name in Discuss.


Enliven your conversations with emojis—a wide selection of emojis structured in categories and search functionality. Find your favorite emojis quickly with the "frequently used" section in the emoji selector. Show user avatars in chat. Add a smiley as a reaction to a message. Send GIFs to your colleagues in Discuss.


Začať diskusie

Create direct discussions with other employees and create private discussion groups. Edit or delete a message. Edit sent messages in the chatter.

Direct messages

Private - direct message chats. Create a group from a Direct Message.

Group communication

Group messaging chats.

Video conferencing

Video chats with two or more people.

Voice lines

Voice channels to internal users.

Audio messages

Send voice messages via Discuss.

Message actions list

The message actions list has a compact/expand mode.


Channel communication

Broad and focused messaging channels (customizable). Copy button on channel invitation links. Archive an unused channel.

Prihláste sa na odber kanálov

Vytvorte otvorené skupiny s názvom Kanály a sledujte diskusie na konkrétne témy. Začnite sa zapájať do projektov prihlásením sa na odber existujúcich kanálov alebo vytvorením nových kanálov.

Invite new members to channels

Invite people as new members of channels. Simplified channel notifications. Removal of channels as followers and removal of mail channels.

Chat members

Display the list of members that belong to any given channel.

Private channels

Users who create private channels are automatically added as members.

Join/leave notifications

Less obtrusive join/leave notifications in channels.

Advanced options

Search current user

The current user is included in the chat box search results.

Mark as unread

Users can mark messages as unread in their Discuss conversations and channels to process them later. The sender sees the message as delivered and not seen.

Pin messages

Pin messages in your Discuss conversations to quickly access important and old messages. A section with pinned messages is available from the header of your conversations and channels. You can jump to specific pinned messages from there.

Link previews

Link previews are displayed when a message is posted.

Download images button

Added a download button when hovering image attachment in Discuss or on the chatter.

Options menu from username

All Discuss-related options are available when clicking a username in the chat window header. In addition, open an employee's profile or edit their username in the menu.


Keep the custom summary when changing the activity type. Display activity summaries and fallback to the activity type if no summary is set. Activities can be accessed via the widget—-display, which is assigned (if it isn't the current user). Icons show activity type.


Voice & video

Voice and video calls are available. Users can change displays and share their screens with members.

Video background blur

Blur your background during video calls.

Video calls UI

Impressive user interface for video calls, with a dedicated side panel for settings.


Users can start a meeting and invite external guests to the video call within the Discuss app.

Raise hand option from Discuss meeting

Meeting participants can raise their hands to signal that they wish to speak and notify other participants.

Show guests

Guests are shown in member lists.


Every application

Full Odoo app integration.

Chatovací modul

Zahrňte správy, interné poznámky, pridajte sledovateľov a kanály priamo z ľubovoľnej aplikácie a sledujte ich v module Diskutujte.

Email addresses in chatter

Display recipients' email addresses when sending a message from the chatter.


International communication

Chat / Conference / Call from any device and anywhere in the world.


Discuss widgets accessible from any Odoo window.


WhatsApp integration, with access to messaging the same as direct messaging.

Intuitive user interface

Improved the sidebar UI to make channels, chats, etc., much easier to find. Get user avatars in the DM/Group DM section in the sidebar.

Conversations dropdown readability

Improved the conversations dropdown menu (inbox) readability.