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ITVISION is leading consulting and service provision company. We enable our clients to focus on business growth rather than on software. The company technology independence, highly skilled IT talents and more than 15 years of experience in the ERP field helps clients harness the power of innovation to thrive on change and guide their digital transformation journeys. We provide a full infrastructure based on private cloud. Our latest technology developments on AI grants the key advantage for supply chain and customer service experience. Our focus on ERP systems development and experience with mid-large scale customers guarantees timely managed implementation and full life-cycle of ERP system in your company. 

ITVISION is part of Advanced Manufacturing digital Innovation HUB.

Advanced Manufacturing digital  Innovation HUB Partners: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Kaunas University of Technology, ISM University of Management and Economics, Vilnius City Municipality, LINPRA association and others. The activities are coordinated by the Technology Center „Intechcentras“

ITVISION Odoo Cloud Based Product


Odoo cloud based ERP platform with Full Lithuanian localization.


Atlygio laboratorija, UAB
Buhalterinės apskaitos paslaugas gamybos sektoriaus įmonėms.

Accounting services for companies in the manufacturing sector.
Daivida, UAB - a meat production and processing company. In 2012, the company renewed its strategy and started using the new brand ROKIŠKIO MĖSINĖ and started working intensively with large retail chains. The company exports its products to EU countries: Ireland, England, Latvia, Poland, Estonia and Non-EU Russia.
Elgerta UAB
Elgerta is independent group of local distributors and it officially represents world known electronic components manufacturers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland more than 30 years.
Euro Asista, UAB
A company providing roadside assistance and contact center services. Euro Asista manages more than 100 technical assistance vehicles optimally distributed in Lithuania. Moreover is a representative of ARC Europe in Lithuania.
Kinze Europe UAB
Kinze Europe - is an American company that produces agricultural equipment. Today Kinze is a leading manufacturer of row crop planters and giant grain auger carts and one of North America's largest independently owned farm equipment companies.
Lithuanian technical engineering company that develops innovative technical and structural solutions for businesses engaged in waste management, secondary raw material sorting, plastic recycling and similar fields. A qualified team of specialists and their valuable, practical international experience will benefit your business from the first consultation to the custom technological solutions we offer.
OZAS, UAB - one of the largest and most capable manufacturers of 10 - 0.4 kV electricity distribution equipment and a reliable provider of metal processing services in Lithuania. UAB OZAS is a provider of quality metal processing services "from one source"
Ordoline, UAB
Nematomas dantų tiesinimas visiems gydymo atvejams.
Sabelijos prekyba is the leading manufacturer and supplier of safe leisure goods, work safety equipment in Lithuania. With over 20 years of successful work experience, the company has a deep understanding of business and customer needs.
UAB Vilniaus Planas
1996 metais Vilniaus miesto savivaldybės Taryba, lygiuodamasi į kitas modernias Europos ir pasaulio sostines ir siekdama užtikrinti LR Vietos savivaldos įstatymo vykdymą, įkūrė įmonę „Vilniaus planas“. Daugiau kaip 20 metų Įmonė miestui teikia planavimo, miesto žemėlapio skaitmenizavimo, analizės ir modeliavimo bei duomenų kaupimo paslaugas.

„Vilniaus plano“ misija – kurti subalansuotą ir inovatyvų miestą teikiant 4P paslaugas: prognozė/ planavimas/ priežiūra/ pasitenkinimas. Būdami Vilniaus miesto gyvenimo ir plėtros įmone, kaupdami ir analizuodami duomenis, matome miestiečių poreikius ir miesto augimo galimybes. Tikime, kad siekdami darnaus ir sklandaus miesto vystymosi, įgyvendinsime Įmonės viziją tapti intelektualių ir kūrybiškų sprendimų centru sklandžiam miestui.
UAB Wise Trading Group

Wise Trading Group stands as a distinguished FMCG wholesale company, offering an extensive range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of the modern market. With a strong focus on quality and variety, WTG has established itself as a reliable FMCG products supplier, catering to businesses across various countries.