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Connecting Dots P.C.
Leof. Mesogeion 443 & Elpidos 1
15343 Athens
+30 2106826001
odoo@existanze.com ; mzachariaki@existanze.com

Connecting Dots P.C.

Existanze #connectingdots is a highly competitive multidisciplinary software company. It provides bespoke solutions for software development, software consulting services, systems integration, and smart contract (blockchain) implementation services.

Existanze #connectingdots serves as a technological powerhouse that guides businesses through their web3 transformation, having the technology to generate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through smart contracts, on custom blockchain nodes and leveraging IPFS distribution servers.

At Existanze #connectingdots our mission is to consistently deliver innovative and reliable solutions that meet client needs while maintaining unwavering business ethics. We focus on system stability, scalability, upgradability, and security.

Decoupled distributed systems of any scale can be seamlessly integrated through our EXN multi-faceted Middleware Integration Platform, resulting in singular integrated solutions that simplify complex cross-company operational processes.

The comprehensive suite of services offered is complemented by our Silver Partnership with Odoo, a scalable and holistic business platform.

Our international client base is as loyal as we are dedicated and spans several industries such as automotive, supply chain, logistics, medical, and higher education.


Blue Ocean Navigation | CO LTD
Blue Ocean Navigation specializes in Internal Freight Forwarding. Through the innovative and sustainable use of technology, it is determined to go above and beyond to suit their customers’ needs on a daily basis. With high know-how and a multi-annual expertise, along with a well-organized, domestically and internationally, network, Blue Ocean provides major industries with the perfect transport solution.

To assist Blue Ocean in managing its operations quickly, conveniently, and efficiently, we have created a customized business platform by taking advantage and extending Odoo system’s capabilities. Saving time and effort is highly significant to every company. Being able to handle their business activities smoothly, allows them to evolve, and offer excellent quality and of great reliability transport services to their customers.
Cosmos Ocean Hellas | LTD
Cosmos Ocean Hellas is an independent neutral freight wholesaler, with a strong and ever-growing network of drivers, agents, and active partnerships from all over the world, and state-of-the-art facilities and shipping solutions for the handling of goods. They strive to consistently offer high-quality LCL services to their customers, guaranteeing the highest standards of regional and international transport with an efficient transportation and distribution network. A forward-thinking company, taking care of all aspects regarding transports, aspiring to be a reliable and customer–focused partner.

Being a trust-worthy partner of Cosmos Ocean for several years, we suggested that Odoo is the right business framework for their company’s needs. Therefore, we implemented a centralized system, which contains all their necessary information and operational workflows, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of automating their processes.
Cosmos Yachting GmbH, nikolas@cosmos-yachting.com
Cosmos Yachting is one of the world’s premier yacht charter companies, providing high quality services and attention to detail. With over 25 years of experience, Cosmos Yachting offers a wide range of sailing yachts, catamarans and motor yachts in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, such as: Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Spain, Italy, France, the Caribbean, the Seychelles, Thailand, Australia, French Polynesia, Madagascar and many more. The main focus for Cosmos Yachting is to ensure a smooth and reliable Customer Relationship Management process, every step of the way; from the initial client inquiry, to the end of the client’s journey, Existanze will assist Cosmos Yachting in implementing the same high standards throughout the entire experience of the client.
Deep Sea Technologies MIKE Software Services
DeepSea Technologies is a team of AI researchers, engineers and sector experts, bringing the latest deep learning technology to the shipping industry. By using cutting-edge technology, DeepSea strives to lead the shipping industry in a leaner, greener and better-connected future. The experienced team of DeepSea AI has worked with Existanze in order to implement a fully integrated inventory, accounting and financial reporting, managing every task digitally, saving both time and resources that will be used for innovation and development.
Digital Publications Group
Digital Publications Group is a Greek group of companies, part of which, is the company Myikona, the largest company to produce personalized photographic & printing products in the Balkans. Their vision is to contribute to a better world by offering people the opportunity to share the most beautiful moments of their lives. They wish to commit to the formation of strong bonds in human relationships, by creating tailor-made products, in the highest possible quality. They have inspired hundreds of thousands of people to create, share and maintain their most significant personal life events with goods that will last forever. Having a great experience in printing custom-made photobooks, Myikona covers the needs of millions of both, amateur, and professional photographers.

Being their Odoo Integrating Partner, we have engaged to create a consolidated system, which will contain all their company’s data and information, allow them to complete all their daily business processes from only one platform and assist them in managing their large volume of online orders. Using Odoo’s endless capabilities through its apps, along with our technical skills and expertise, we will configure their Odoo System, to build a unique, tailor-made business framework that will perfectly suit their needs.
Fitshop’s primary objective is to enhance accessibility to martial arts, gymnastics, and team sports for individuals. The company aspires to inspire and engage people in sporting experiences, fostering a commitment to support individuals in their endeavours within the ring, in the gym, on the field, and in the broader challenges of life.
Glaze is an online shop offering car care detailing products, founded in 2016, launching the start of their collaborations with world-renowned companies for the import and distribution of their goods in the Greek market. These collaborations indicate the company’s main purpose, to offer products and solutions in the field of detailing that are not yet available in Greece. With their main goal being to provide their clients with premium car care products, Glaze, keeps on expanding its collaborations and continuously updating their catalog with new items from the latest trends in the international market.

While a business grows, its needs grow as well. To assist Glaze in handling their daily online orders, inventory, and warehouse, we have been entrusted with implementing their Odoo business software to build a system that successfully integrates their processes and activities. Utilizing several key modules of Odoo, as well as its powerful capabilities, we will create a central point of reference, which will allow them to minimize time and effort of each process and maximize productivity and profit. In addition, the company will enjoy the fully automated process of exchanging data, in a single integrated solution, resulting in reliable and accurate on the spot information.
Global Sol Energy
GSE specializes in energy saving systems in the industrial and hotel sector. With more than 20 years of know-how in research, design, and development, they provide their clients with innovative energy saving solutions and products that hold a wide range of both, national and international patents, and certifications. Their company’s philosophy is “support the customer while respecting the environment” and they constantly work towards that, with a high level of integrity and professionalism.

With deep technical knowledge and Odoo expertise, as their Odoo Integrating Partner, we have been tasked to upgrade, configure, and extend their Odoo system. They aim to use Odoo thoroughly for their business operations, which will contribute to organizing and handling their procedures with accuracy, efficiently, and effortlessly.
Glove technologies SA, Georgios Visvikis
Glove Technology solutions is a company based in Greece, with branches extending across Europe. With a vast variety of products and services, Glove Technologies offers business solutions in terms of security and marketing management systems to some of the biggest companies in Greece. Our mission is to establish a system that will automate the processes of customer relationship management, sales, inventory, field service, warehouse manager and customer support, ensuring time and cost efficiency in every stage of the operational process.
Logika 4PL | Beyond Logistics
Logika 4PL is a modern 4PL company with a main objective to cover the entire supply chain. Its aim is to ensure a smooth flow across the spectrum of the supply chain, saving time and cost. Combining flexibility with its expertise and knowledge ensures its adaptability to the ever-changing market conditions. Our company was tasked with creating a business solution that would be able to assist our customer in managing their accounting and customer relationships, as well as to optimize their operational processes through a custom-made, automated system that is able to accommodate every possible scenario.
Marine Logistics
Marine Logistics has the knowledge and expertise in this complex and time sensitive
business, to deliver valuable orders on board of your vessel providing the most cost-efficient
solutions from the collection point or consolidation point, through to customs clearance and
on-board delivery.
Modulus S.A.
Modulus offers innovative services in the field of telecommunications, which cover exquisitely business communication needs. With the most sophisticated, new cloud technologies, and infrastructures, as well as specialized personnel, they aim to create a new experience in telephone communication, free of conventional telephony constraints. They aim to provide their customers with excellent solutions that will contribute to reducing the operating costs of their businesses and will immediately adapt to their ever-changing demands.

As their Odoo Integrating Partner, we shall implement and customize their Odoo system to create a business framework that will assist in saving working hours and improving efficiency whilst dealing with customers. They will be able to manage their procedures, such as sales and customer care, effortlessly, through one, centralized system instead of using many different tools.
Nipponia SA
Trade & Traffic was founded in 1995 and since then is the importer/distributor for the Dutch market for several brands such as Sundiro, Solex, Jawa, Voxan, CR&S, Adiva, CFMoto, Royal Enfield, and Hyosung among others in addition to its own brand Gomax.
Oliaros Villa Rentals
Oliaros stands as an exceptional property development company, dedicated to the creation of projects characterized by progressive architectural design rooted in the profound traditions of the Cyclades, coupled with an unparalleled commitment to environmental stewardship. With a portfolio boasting over 50 development properties and collaborations with more than 25 architectural offices, Oliaros has established itself as a prominent player in the industry.
Orthodontics Stefanos Karakousoglou
It is not a secret that a beautiful smile is a powerful asset to anyone’s personal and professional life. Established in 1982, Stefanos Karakousoglou Orthodontic Clinic, enjoys a multi-annual experience in the field, providing complete orthodontic care for all ages. The clinic aims to build a trusting and enduring relationship with generations of patients and referring dental professionals. Individualized treatments, genuine care for patients' needs and scientific integrity in a technologically advanced and high-standard environment are key to the success of the treatments provided. The clinic offers state of the art orthodontic treatments, leaving each patient happy, and - of course - with a bright and healthy smile.

Being one of our first customers 15 years ago, running on a bespoke system we built for them, we have been tasked with upgrading their operations, using Odoo. Our aim is to provide a functional and user-friendly online environment where they will be able to manage their operations ranging from accounting, invoicing, appointments, inventory, sales, or any other operation, accurately, timely and cost efficiently. Continuously improving and extending the IT infrastructure to provide the best care for their patients.
Pandas is the first company that created a reciprocal recycling system for mobile phones using Recycling ATMs. The owners of the devices follow a very simple procedure that lasts less than 3 minutes and the profit is instant for both the owner and the planet. They have to place the smartphone in an ATM-like installation, the system will recognize the model and condition of the device and determine a price based on its current value. If the consumer accepts it, the corresponding amount will be credited to his bank account.

In order to properly manage and organize their operations, they have trusted us to leverage the power of Odoo to efficiently handle their inventory, track procedures and most importantly accurately and efficiently maintain their accounting, always adhering to the Greek financial and accounting laws.
RealAct LLC (NAI RealAct)
NAIRealAct is a real estate boutique firm, established in 2013, offering Valuation, Investment Consultancy, Tenant Representation, Strategic Real Estate Consultancy and Project Management Services. NAIRealAct’s goal is to optimize real estate potential while addressing the risk and hassles of real estate management, treating each client individually and every property uniquely. Partnering with a worldwide network,NAI RealAct is providing what international clients require in today’s challenging world: to achieve their objectives and ambitions. In order to solely focus on achieving their goals, NAIRealAct needed to eliminate the time and resources spent on operations that could be automated, investing those resources in innovating in the real estate market. Our company undertook the project of establishing a system that would optimize the processes of customer relationship management, sales and task management, data extraction and reporting.
Reform information systems SA
Reform is a Greek software development company operating in the field of software
development and device (IoT) integration for safety issues and cyber-physical systems. They
emphasize on application development, implementation of web applications, mobile
application development and provisioning of specialized value-added services.
St. Liodaki Pharmacy & Partners Co (Best Pharmacy)
Best Pharmacy (St. Liodaki Pharmacy & Partners Co)
Best Pharmacy is a company based in Greece, with over 50 years of experience in providing pharmaceutical, health and beauty products as well as consulting services in the field of pharmaceuticals. Best Pharmacy aims to retain the same high quality of services both on their physical store, as well as on their e-shop. In order to achieve the same high standards on their online platform, Existanze was tasked with implementing a fully integrated system, which would assist the company in organizing and handling the company warehouses, inventory, online orders and logistics, as well as the accounting processes, ensuring the provision of Best Pharmacy’s high quality services to as many customers as possible.
The Workout Project
The Workout Project is addressed to everyone, but especially to those who are looking for a complete, quality, and exclusive fitness & wellness experience. Its mission is to assist every client to build confidence inside and out. An inspirational coach with multi-annual professional experience in the field, will ensure to help every client willing to put the effort to take back control of their own fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing. Its philosophy considers fitness to be something much more than just a check box in a task list, but rather a sweet daily habit. The coach at The Workout Project is committed to be by the clients’ side.

Being their Odoo Integrating Partner, we have been tasked to build a business framework, tailored to track customer progress, and provide insights into how the process affects the progress. Our aim is for our customer to do this efficiently.