smtp auth extension not supported by server

When I configure gmail and use unrestricted wifi internet. I am able to configure SMTP. But when I go to corporate fire-walled network with same configuration I am not able to perform Test Connection and it returns SMTP AUTH extension not supported by server.

Again, I tried to probe the connection using my corporate SMTP configuration on port 25, no luck. But I am able to Telnet to server on port 25 with the same username and password for my corporate SMTP sever address with given username and password, still no luck! simply SMTP AUTH ex..... not supported by server.

Is there any idea and work around? Just for your info i am using all-in-one OpenERP V7 for Windows 7 Pro, 64Bit system.

Many thank you.

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Hamid Darabi

Did you find a solution? I'm trying to connect to my office365 mail server. Take a look at this please: