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This order has been paid for, but not delivered. 

I need to replace one product, with another product that is available.

   Odoo will not allow me to just delete the line item, and also will not allow me to set the quantity to 0

I have try to Cancelling the Warehouse out ; unreserve, reset to draft, cancel, update Qtty to 0 ,  update tty reserve to match stock Qtty

and also try to cancel the SO.

Odoo keep showing this message:

is not possible to unreserve more products of XYZ product , than you have in stock.

current version odoo SAAS V16.4

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hello. I Try to do what you mention. and is not possible anything I do to cancel, reset, etc.  keep the same error message.


The actions you are trying to make are on the SO or Delivery Order?
My suggestion was to add the alternate product with qty to the delivery order and validate.

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If the invoicing policy is set to delivered quantity, then the easiest way would be to add the replacement product & qty directly on the delivery order, while delivering '0' of the ordered qty. Do not create a back order.

This should update the sale order with replacement product and qty. While invoicing the difference amount can be reconciled to the payment