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Trigger an Action on date field: A step by step guide

Sebastian Orzechowski
on 4/8/14, 4:32 AM 3,639 views

Hello I want create automatic action in my module on date field. When current date is equal date saved in the record i want to send message/email. How can i do this? I'm using openERP 7.

hi all, thank you for your documentation. how do i use the variables for example to customize the email subject or text? do you have an example? thanks, Stephan

Stephan Hitrez
on 2/16/15, 8:15 AM

Med Said BARA

--Med Said BARA--

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--Med Said BARA--
Med Said BARA
On 4/8/14, 7:48 AM

A step by step guide on how to create an automated action:

Step 1:

Open Settings ----> Technical ----> Automated Actions ---> Automated Actions ----> and click on Create

Aut Action Step 1

Step 2:

Aut Action Step 2

step 3:

Aut Action Step3

Step 4:

Aut Action Step4

Step 5: