Is there any Odoo helpdesk api documentation?

George Appleton

Hi, I'm just looking to be able to post log notes with image attachments to helpdesk tickets. But the only api documentation I can find is abstract stuff like this which doesn't actually tell you what the api is able to do or which urls and arguments to use to do it.

I'm just a dev and had no part in the setup of our odoo server so apologies if I'm missing something obvious here, any help is appriciated.


Edit: I can't reply as I don't have the karma. So I entered our test odoo server in developer mode and I see the hover to get models on some fields similar to how you described. However I can't see this on most buttons, in particular I can't see any information on hover when looking at log notes.

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Paresh Wagh
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Hi George:

The API documentation you are referring to is the correct one. In addition to it, you will need to research the models defined in the Help Desk module and populate them via the API. The quickest way to research the models and fields is to activate developer mode, open the form and hover over the labels of the fields.

It may also help to look at the Odoo code base.