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I have two fields money and currency on a form. A user enters some amount and selects currency e.g. 500.00 - USD other than company currency.

I have added a third field i.e. money_local. I want to covert money field value to local currency and assign to money_local.

Should I make fields as Monetary or Float?

What is the currency conversion formula in Odoo python?

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There is a built-in method on currency to convert one currency to another like

>>> USD = self.env['res.currency'].search([('name', '=', 'USD')])
>>> EUR = self.env['res.currency'].search([('name', '=', 'EUR')])
>>> USD.compute(500, EUR)


Create one computed field (monetary) and call compute method of currency to get the conversation rate.


Hello, I'm needing pretty much the same but I require the compute to calculate with the exchange rate of a certain date, the confirmation_date for example. Do you have any tip of advice for OdooV11?

In newer version API has been chagne so you can user _convert instead of compute there you can pass date at which you want to convert currency

However, in the older version, you can pass date in context while converting the currency

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We developed a dual Currency module , where we all transactions can be automatically saved in 2 main currencies ( for ex. SAR and USD)


Thanks Bassem,

I need only on a form and for one field. At transaction level, odoo mostly keeps the value in both currencies.