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FABB World
FABB World Entertainment
FABB World acts as brand extension company for famous brands and they do extension for the brand in different areas like and not limited to: merchandised products, mascots rental , public events and private events

Their challenge: is to automate the sales process and client communication process with eagle eye monitoring tools

How Walnut Software Solutions, the official Odoo partner helped them: Providing FABB world with proper workflow analysis for their processes and advised the proper modules required to automate their work as well as provided them with the customization required and hosting the service on the cloud.

FABB World Utilized POS,Sales,Rental,Purchase,Inventory,Accounting,Events,Ecommerce and Website addons of Odoo to reach the automated cycle they are looking for, On another hand, the cloud hosting made it easy for manager to access important information on the go and while abroad and makes timely and informed decisions.
Paul & John Rodiz Advertising & Production
Paul & John Rodiz Advertising & Production Entertainment
Paul and John Rodiz is a one of the greatest multinational distributing and promoting organizations in Kuwait and is continually searching for better approaches to give clients the most abnormal amount of value administration and front line innovation.

Paul and John Rodiz implemented Odoo to help them in the digitalization of their daily operations. With such an evolving and quickly growing environment, new needs have arisen which required a review on all the internal processes in order to tackle new bottlenecks and improve their ERP Environment.

Solution and added Value:
Plennix Technologies implemented a full ERP system integrating all their processes together. Paul and John team are moving to a paperless environment and handling all their business operations on Odoo. The implementation included the below:
Accounting system
Manufacturing system
Fully integrated supply chain workflow, including but not limited to, Material requisition, purchase management, inventory and warehouse management, CRM, Sales and POS
Automation was key in our implementation, in order to improve the efficiency and increase the productivity rate.