Odoo Awards 2020 Nominees

We are thrilled to announce this year's nominees for the upcoming Odoo Awards ceremony which will take place during this year’s Odoo Experience Online on Thursday, October 1st. 

Every year during our flagship event, Odoo Experience, we take the opportunity to give recognition to outstanding collaborators and partners that have best embodied the Odoo values. Even though 2020 has been an unexpected year, we could not pass on the opportunity to honor the incredible work and achievements that have been accomplished this year.

The nominees have been selected based on their contribution to the Odoo ecosystem in the past year. Remarkable work goes beyond selling licenses or retention rates and has been evaluated on long-term critical subjects, such as customer satisfaction, implementation approach, a top-notch relationships with their Account Managers, and a mindset that is in line with the Odoo methodology. The nominated partners have exhibited an exceptional ability to tackle diverse customer needs in different areas of expertise. They have a track record of successfully implementing projects, allowing them to grow their base of Odoo Enterprise customers regularly.

Our nominees come from all over the world and were divided into groups depending on their region. What all our nominees have in common is a robust business model, flexibility, commitment, and openness, which has become synonymous with the Odoo brand. This year we have 39 Partner Nominees and 6 Contributor Nominees.

We look forward to announcing this year’s winners and wish all nominees the best of luck!

                                    The Nominees for this Year’s Odoo Awards are:

                                    BEST TRANSLATOR

                                    • Alina Lisnenko (alinasemeniuk1)

                                    • Ivan Yelizariev (yelizariev)

                                    • JH CHOI (hwangtog)

                                    BEST CONTRIBUTOR

                                    • Katherine Zaoral

                                    • Swapnesh Shah

                                    • Yenthe Van Ginneken 

                                    Americas Region

                                    BEST STARTER AMERICAS

                                    • Morwi Encoders

                                    • UNOOBI

                                    • SMART Business Coaching

                                    BEST PARTNER NORTH AMERICA

                                    • Open Source Integrators

                                    • Captivea USA

                                    • Arche TI

                                    BEST PARTNER LATAM

                                    • Todoo

                                    • Estrasol

                                    • Vauxoo

                                    European Region

                                    BEST STARTER EUROPE

                                    • addOons SRL

                                    • Process Control

                                    • Hermes

                                    BEST PARTNER EUROPE

                                    • brain-tec group

                                    • Focusate

                                    • SprintIT

                                    African Region

                                    BEST STARTER AFRICA

                                    • Technologies Du Sud SARL

                                    • OTB Africa

                                    • Atlancis Technologies Limited

                                    BEST PARTNER AFRICA

                                    • Strategic Dimensions

                                    • Optesis

                                    • SystemWorks

                                    The Middle East & North African  Region (MENA)

                                    BEST STARTER MENA

                                    • Plementus

                                    • Unified Solutions Platform (USP)

                                    • AnaConEx Solutions (HCS)

                                    BEST PARTNER MENA

                                    • Ever Business Solutions

                                    • Azkatech

                                    • OdooTec

                                    Indian Region

                                    BEST STARTER INDIA

                                    • Loyal IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

                                    • Browseinfo

                                    • Prime Minds Consulting Private Limited

                                    BEST PARTNER INDIA

                                    • Prixgen Tech Solutions Private Limited

                                    • Serpent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

                                    • Cybrosys Techno Solutions Pvt.Ltd 

                                    Asia Pacific Region (APAC)

                                    BEST STARTER APAC

                                    • Achieve without Borders, Inc.

                                    • Arkana Indonesia

                                    • Port Cities Vietnam

                                    BEST PARTNER APAC

                                    • Port Cities Indonesia

                                    • Falinwa Limited

                                    • WilldooIT

                                    We give a 5k bonus to our new developers!