Odoo and Order: VTZ Abogados transformation with Odoo

Company Name: VTZ Abogados 

Location: Mexico

Industry: Lawyers

Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Project, Timesheet, Accounting

Company size: 8

Number of users: 8

Hosting Type: Saas

With five decades of specialized experience in foreign trade and tax matters, VTZ Abogados stands as an experienced and agile sherpa, guiding companies through intricate legal mazes so they can focus on what truly matters: competing in the market seamlessly. Their areas of practice include Foreign Trade and Customs, IMMEX, Tax, Corporate, Regulatory, Chinese Desk/Investment, and Market Analysis.

Discovering Odoo

Emilio Arteaga, representative of VTZ Abogados, reveals that their encounter with Odoo happened through the Mexico-Belgium Chamber of Commerce (BNBC), where he emphasized: "I became familiar with the platform in a meeting among advisors, where they showed us how the platform looked, and it caught my attention. Odoo is also part of the chamber."

Before adopting Odoo, VTZ Abogados lacked an ERP system, slowing down their organizational processes. Arteaga explains: "A lot flowed through email channels, calls... not everything was integrated into a platform that allowed us to see how the client arrived, what was arranged, and that facilitated the invoicing process, for example."

Implementation Process

Once acquainted with Odoo, they chose not to look for alternatives and embarked on the implementation process. Arteaga describes this period as a learning process, adapting the system to their needs. After approximately two months, VTZ Abogados has successfully completed its implementation process with Odoo, maintaining continuous contact to address any doubts.

Advantages of Odoo for VTZ Abogados

Odoo has significantly transformed the invoicing process for VTZ Abogados. Arteaga highlights: "It facilitates the invoicing process because it allows me to tell the administration how I want the invoice to be, so it almost comes out ironed, without having to send emails or anything like that."

The CRM application has been key to visualizing active and potential projects, allowing them to keep clients informed and updated. In addition, Odoo has optimized the preparation of quotes, invoices, time reports, electronic signatures, accounting, and supplier management.

The Best of Odoo for VTZ Abogados

Emilio Arteaga praises the wide variety of applications available in Odoo that have significantly improved their processes. He particularly emphasizes the electronic signature tool, projecting a professional image to clients. The ability to access processes from anywhere, be it on the phone, laptop, office, or home, is another advantage that VTZ Abogados appreciates about Odoo.

Emilio Arteaga, representative of VTZ Abogados, concludes by describing Odoo as efficient and believes that the effort invested in the implementation and operation of the system has been worthwhile.

About VTZ Abogados

VTZ Abogados stands out as an experienced guide in the complex legal environment. Thanks to their successful implementation of Odoo, they have optimized key processes such as invoicing and project management, experiencing notable advantages in the efficiency and professionalism of their operations. The firm considers the adoption of Odoo as a valuable effort that has significantly improved their business performance.

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Climbing to Success with Odoo