Industrial Taylor Calls upon Odoo Online for Fully Fledged Operations Management

Country: Colombia
Industry: Food Service Industry
Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Inventory, Email Marketing, Accounting, Events, Purchase
Number of Users: 135 Users

In 1978, in Bogotá, Colombia, the founder of Industrial Taylor imported the first soft serve ice cream machine to the country and opened an ice cream store, called Picos, that instantly became a hit. This marked the beginning of the success of Industrial Taylor as they immediately became a market leader in the soft serve ice cream industry. Since then they have greatly expanded their product offerings and are now the leading organization in the food service industry.


Outdated Technology held Industrial Taylor back as they Outgrew their Solution

In the 40 years that Industrial Taylor has been in business, their product offerings have grown significantly from the soft serve ice cream machine it all began with. They have become a true leader in the market, offering over 90 world-renowned brands, from coffee to refrigerators, in addition to offering several industry related services.

Before implementing Odoo they had a complex workflow using 6 local based, independent servers, and running 6 software applications, of which they had very limited functional knowledge, and found difficult to manage. Having such a complex system in a company with over 250 employees, 135 active users, and extensive operations, they were faced with several complications, which can largely be traced back to:

Lack of integration

  • The combination of several different software caused problems with the information flow and interdepartmental transparency. Information often had to be reprocessed, wasting time and resources, and increasing the risk of losing information along the way.

  • The company had problems keeping track of customer payments, and outstanding invoices went unnoticed.

  • For a company of over 250 employees, they lacked an efficient way to communicate internally.

Sheer volume

  • Orders could not be tracked automatically and as Industrial Taylor was processing 1,500 orders per month, this facet was essential.

  • They were dealing with 1,000 customer invoices per month and due to the lack of a smart solution, clients often exceeded their credit limit and invoices went unpaid.

A Large Scale Production Process Simplified by Odoo

Industrial Taylor was expecting 20% growth from year to year, and considering expanding into other Latin American markets, the size of their operations had already grown too large for their system to handle. In 2015, they realized that if they wanted to move forward and continue their dynamic growth, it was time for them to update their system and upgrade to an integrated solution. They were particularly interested in Odoo because it’s a flexible, all-in-one comprehensive solution.

Currently, they’ve already implemented Odoo CRM, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Inventory, Email Marketing, and Events, and more applications will follow as the company continues to grow. With their current Odoo apps, Industrial Taylor was able to solve all their previous pain points;

  • Using Odoo, moving to one integrated system, eliminated the issue of information getting lost between systems and decreased the need to reprocess information.

  • The integration between Odoo Inventory, Odoo Sales, and Odoo Purchase made it easy for Industrial Taylor to keep a track of what they had in stock, what was available and ready for delivery, and what they needed to order.

  • With the implementation of Odoo Accounting Industrial Taylor is now capable of having an overview of all outstanding payments, and by using the automated follow-up system they can ensure that customer payments are received and don’t exceed their limit.

  • Having the Odoo Discuss app greatly improved the internal communication between departments as well as transparency.

"Odoo has been an extremely sincere and reliable partner. They have understood that our company is our livelihood and have responded with a very high level of responsibility. They have had patience and great professional attitude, all while maintaining great respect for the individuals in our company."

Jimmy Calderón, Project Manager of the Odoo Project at Industrial Taylor

Odoo Exceeds Expectations by Solving Unnoticed Problems

Before implementing Odoo, Industrial Taylor was facing some issues that had not been noticeable due to the lack of integration in their system. Switching to Odoo, the integrated apps allowed Industrial Taylor to optimize stock turnover rates and order delivery efficiencies. Previously, the company was facing some problems with collecting payments and keeping track of their clients credit situation. They realized that some of their clients had exceeded their credit limit without their knowledge, but with a small customization from Odoo they set up a system to manage the customers’ available credit. This helps them track whether a customer has gone beyond the credit limit, taking into account different parameters, such as open sales orders, unpaid invoices, etc., so now they will no longer deliver products to customers that have exceeded their credit limit.

The Industrial Taylor team with one of our fun and experienced Odoo consultants in the middle
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About Industrial Taylor

Industrial Taylor is a family business with a rich history dating back to 1975. For 40 years the company has been the leading organization in the food service industry in Colombia. They focus on developing new concepts, services and solutions, created specifically for each professional within the food industry. Industrial Taylor has a solid network of over 100 exclusive providers worldwide which they use to provide quality products to the national market, along with their own production.

The 40 years of success began in 1975 when Industrial Taylor imported the first soft serve ice cream machine to Colombia. Since then they’ve continued to lead the soft serve ice cream industry, but they’ve significantly expanded their product line to include basically anything you can find or use in the kitchen; from refrigerators and electric mixers, to tableware and ice cream toppings. In addition to appliances and accessories, they offer complete solutions for any type of business, everything from designing the menu to providing the glasses and silverware. Industrial Taylor also offers technical service and repairs, along with professional trainings. Each of their services is specifically designed to cater to the needs of different professionals within the food service industry in Colombia. Their goal is to help make dreams come true.

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