Crunching Numbers and Snacks: Taqa’s Odoo Transformation

TaQa Snacks

Company Name: TaQa Snacks
Country: Lebanon
Industry: Food and Beverage
Main Apps: Purchase, Sales, Accounting, Manufacturing, Surveys, Inventory.
Number of Odoo Users: 4
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Samer Al tall
Odoo Implementing Partner: Azkatech

In the world of healthy snacks, TaQa Snacks stands out as a beacon of wholesome goodness. Based in Lebanon, this factory specializes in producing vegan, natural, and healthy snacks sourced from premium ingredients. What sets them apart? TaQa Snacks refuses to compromise on quality by avoiding additives, chemicals, and preservatives entirely. Lydia Alazmi, the Chief Operating Officer, and Soumaya, the founder, share their remarkable journey, and how Odoo played a pivotal role in their success story. 

The Origins of TaQa Snacks 

TaQa Snacks finds its roots in a heartwarming tale. Soumaya, the founder, was inspired by her grandmother's wisdom. When Soumaya expressed her vision of creating an energy bar, her grandmother, with her charming Lebanese accent, simply said, "TaQa." That one word became the genesis of TaQa Snacks, a name that echoes health and vitality.

Meeting Odoo: A Game-Changer for TaQa Snacks

Their pursuit of excellence led TaQa Snacks to Odoo through a recommendation from their business partner in Dubai. Odoo promised to be the comprehensive solution they needed to address their unique challenges and requirements. Before Odoo, TaQa Snacks grappled with quality checks, data entry woes, and manual report generation. Imagine calculating recipes manually and struggling to incorporate carbon footprint coefficients into packaging. It was a formidable challenge that threatened to slow them down.

Odoo's Impact on Efficiency and Sustainability

The introduction of Odoo was a turning point. The video feature within the application enhanced communication and efficiency within the team. They utilized internal transfers to manage inventory effectively, and preventive maintenance schedules became a breeze with Odoo's maintenance application. Implementing Odoo had a transformative effect on TaQa Snacks. Their processes streamlined, and, compared to previous methods, they saved a remarkable 70% of their time. But Odoo is not just about efficiency; it's about empowerment.

A More Mobile and Independent Business

Odoo empowered Lydia and the team at TaQa Snacks in several ways. It allowed them to assess their business more accurately, make decisions on the go, and maintain a global perspective. No longer tethered to manual calculations and data entry, they could focus on growing their business independently and efficiently. In Soumaya's words, Odoo is best described as "flexible," and it's evident that this flexibility has translated into tangible results for TaQa Snacks.


TaQa Snacks is a testament to the power of innovation and technology in the realm of healthy snacks. Their commitment to quality and sustainability, combined with the flexibility and efficiency of Odoo, has propelled them forward. TaQa Snacks continues to provide the world with healthy and delicious snacks, thanks to the transformative impact of Odoo. Stay tuned for more stories of businesses that have harnessed the power of Odoo to thrive and excel in their respective industries.

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