Business Hacks

Business Hacks

Odoo CMO Alexandre Vandermeersch gives his tips and advice for anyone thinking of making the move.

Create great surveys and collect insightful information to get to know your customers better and improve your strategy

Three perfect reasons to set up a live chat on your website.
Practical examples that lead to happy customers, reduced expenses and increased sales.

How you can save time and money with this delivery method and you only need a small warehouse area.

A guide to help you always get the best deals from your suppliers using Request For Quotation (a.k.a. RFQ) the right way.

A better way to use accounting reports and indicators to make your business grow now.

A look at how open source business software providers Odoo did in a study on top ERP features.

Discover the 8 must-have e-commerce design trends that can't be overlooked and how to implement them for less with the right softwares and tools.

5 metrics to make your balance sheet and profit and loss statement tell you all you need to know about your business -and your competitors'.

Why should you integrate design in your business? Useful answers and tips on the why and how of design, and on how to choose the right designer.

An ERP expert explains the advantages and disadvantages of fixed fee and time and material methods of payment for ERP implementation.

Find out whether an intern is the appropriate response to your staffing needs. Learn about internship programs set up and implementation and more.

We introduce you to simple tools that help you cope with out-of-stock items. Get your stocks handled with little to no effort!