Manage all shifts by organizing them by role, by employee or by project. The default Gantt view gives you a clear overview of what is already planned, and what is left to plan.


Display your shifts on a Gantt chart, calendar, or list view, and group them the way you want.

Open shifts

Leave shifts unassigned and assign them with a simple drag-and-drop.

Shift Templates

Create shift templates and apply them to your new shifts, allowing you to save time and never miss any information.


Repeat your shifts so that you don't need to encode manually the same actions every time.

Copy previous shift

Copy all the shifts from the previous week and reorganize what needs to be adjusted.

Avoid conflicts

Get a warning if multiple shifts are scheduled at the same time for an employee.


Send schedule

Send your employees their respective schedules.

Schedule Portal

Your employees can view and manage their schedules on their personal portal.


Let your employees unassign themselves from shifts through their portals.

Open Shifts Available

Your employees can assign themselves open shifts through their portals or on the app.


Planning analysis

Create all kinds of reports based on the measures, filters, and time ranges you want.


Use beautiful bar charts, line charts or pie charts to display your reports.

Pivot Table Analysis

Create advanced pivot tables and export the data in .xls files to open it in different software.


Measure allocated hours, billable hours, remaining hours, progress, and much more so you have a complete overview of your team's work.