Electronic Invoicing

Invoice Certification

Mexican companies can now certify any e-invoice with Odoo.

Transaction Types

Odoo supports the following electronic transactions: CFDI for customer invoices, payments with its XML compliment.

XML Export

The XML and PDF with the required QR code are placed in the invoices automatically by Odoo.

Odoo Electronic Invoicing for Mexico

Chart of Accounts

SAT Compliance

Odoo completely refactored the chart of accounts, in order to use the grouping codes proposed by the SAT. All the required core data is automatically added (SAT codes for product, payment, and fiscal regimes).

Authorized Certification Provider (PAC)

You can choose between 3 of the most reliable (and cost effective) PAC services available in Mexico.

Solucion Factible Quadrum



For regular and exceptional transactions.


Odoo’s comprehensive Chart of Accounts makes electronic accounting easier than ever before.

Trial Balance

The Trial Balance is automatically generated and can be exported to XML, or as a TXT (for DPIVA).

Reporting dashboard for Mexico

Functional Documentation

Odoo makes it easier for users to configure and implement the localization, by following the steps (and advice) found in our functional documentation.

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