Studio: Advanced Tips & Tricks

22. Change the tooltip of a field (for all views, not for one only).

15. If an opportunity in France is still open 3 days after it's creation, send an email to

16. On sales orders, show the lines as kanban cards , like in the mobile view. (Instead of list view)

20. In the list of leads, allow to edit inline in the list, without having to switch to the form view.

23. Make a field become translatable and have different values according to the user language.

10. Create two menus "Properties for sale" (=properties that contains the tag "for sale") and "Properties not for sale"

2. Search how to do the following customizations in Odoo Studio. They do not require developments. Use the forum if you need help.

11. On properties, show all the tags as checkboxes , instead of tags.

21. Search the city Paris in leads. Then, create a new lead. Make Paris (the string you searched) proposed by default in the city field.

24. Thank you. #odoo 2018 ELearning

5. On opportunities, if the country is France , show a field “Pay by check?”

13. Change the menu "Customers" in sales, to filter on belgian customers by default (but the user should be able to unset the filter to see them all)

14. On leads, add a selection field with values: "as tags" & "as list" & "as radio". According to the value of this field , show tags as many2many_tags, many2many_radio, or many2many_list.

4. Create a graph of opportunities: expected revenues, grouped by customer language.

18. Add a stage field to manage product's life cycle: prototype, in used, deprecated. On a product form, put a kanban view by stages and show the status bar in the form view.

19. When a product goes from "in used" to "deprecated", set its cost to 0€ . (But not if it goes from prototype to deprecated)

1. Odoo Studio Fabien Pinckaers • Founder Exercices: Advanced Tips & Tricks Studio

12. When I create a lead in Belgium, set the priority to 3 stars automatically .

3. On opportunities, add a field that shows the pricelist of the related customer .

6. Create a new group of users: “France Customers Only”. These users can only access customers from France.

7. Create an object “Properties” with fields : company, value, name, address, active, image. Show the value in the currency of the company .

8. Create an object “Properties” with fields : company, value, name, address, active, image. Show the value in the currency of the company .

17. On a quotation, if the untaxed amount is bigger than 500€, only a sales manager can validate the quotation. If the amount is lower than 500€, any user can validate the quote.

9. Create an object “Property Tags”. A property can have multiple tags and a tag multiple properties. On Tags, add a button that opens all related properties.

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