Google Agenda Sync: inviting users


Who is accualy using google Agenda Sync?

Assume the following use case:

  • User A Creates an event in Odoo, and invites User B. 
  • User A synchronizes with Google, this makes the event appear in google agenda of user A and User B
  • User B opens Odoo and synchronizes his agenda, 
    • He has an event in Odoo and an event in google agenda
    • These events do not match: the synchronisation process creates a new odoo event + a new event in google agenda
    • The google event contains user A: a new appointment appears in the agenda of user A
    • This is an infinite loop, creating more and more events...


I can conclude that agenda synchronisation does not work? Is anybody accualy using this? Can you explain the use case for an event with multiple users?



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I've tested the Google Agenda a few times and I honestly simply gave up. There are problems with syncing / sharing, sometimes the API key all of a sudden doesn't work anymore, .. I didn't find the app easy or useful so I simply decided not to use it.

Mathias Colpaert

Well, in the end I commented out some lines that synchronize attendees to google calendar, this way the events don't pile up one after the other. But its still a buggy module, I doubt anybody uses it.