Odoo and Saldwich, the perfect wrap! (Video Success Story)


Company Name: Saldwich
Country: Saudi Arabia
Industry: Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, Invoicing, Payroll, Project, Manufacturing
Main Apps: Accounting
Number of Odoo Users: 46
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Rafic Ghaziri
Odoo Implementing Partner: BI Solutions

In the bustling culinary landscape of Saudi Arabia, Saldwich emerged as a beacon of balanced and wholesome dining. With a vision to provide not just meals, but a healthier lifestyle, Mustafa Abdulmoneim, the CEO of Saldwich, embarked on a journey that would reshape the way people perceive fast food.

Saldwich, a Saudi brand, started its flavorful expedition around nine years ago. What began as a response to society's growing appetite for healthier dining choices soon evolved into a thriving culinary empire. Offering an array of specialty items ranging from salads to sandwiches and delightful side dishes, Saldwich carved its unique niche in the industry.

In 2014, Riyadh witnessed the humble inception of Saldwich. Fuelled by a steadfast commitment to unwavering quality and constant refinement, the brand swiftly expanded its footprint. Today, with over 25 branches and counting, Saldwich envisions blanketing the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its nutritional offerings.

However, as Saldwich grew, so did the complexities of managing its operations. Enter Odoo, the transformative ERP system that would reshape the way Saldwich faced its challenges.

Abdallah Al Ruweigh, the CFO of Saldwich, joins the story at this juncture. His arrival in July 2017 coincided with the company's realization of its operational hurdles. Among these was the inefficiency stemming from manual data entry – an ordeal that drained resources and resulted in inaccuracies. Additionally, the absence of a centralized database hindered easy data accessibility, while monitoring costs remained a daunting task.

Odoo, with its comprehensive suite of applications, became Saldwich's ally in this battle for operational excellence. The synergy between Odoo's Accounting, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Projects applications unified Saldwich's processes into a seamless workflow. No longer confined to the constraints of manual solutions like Microsoft Office tools, Saldwich found in Odoo a holistic platform that harmonized communication, work processes, and data review.

The impact was monumental. With Odoo's guidance, Saldwich not only realized a 10% reduction in costs but also witnessed a remarkable 50% increase in employee productivity. As decision-makers gained access to a wealth of accurate data, the trajectory of Saldwich's growth found a new level of informed direction.

If Saldwich were to encapsulate its Odoo experience in one phrase, it would undoubtedly be "user-friendly." Through its partnership with Odoo and the unwavering dedication of its team, Saldwich reshaped not only its operational landscape but also its destiny.

From its modest beginnings to its ambitious future, Saldwich's story stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovation and partnership. And with Odoo as its ally, this culinary empire continues to redefine the art of dining while embracing the flavors of success.

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