MS Standard: Armed With The Odoo Solution
Location: Egypt 
Industry: Manufacturing
Main Apps implemented: Manufacturing, Maintenance, Quality, Inventory, Accounting, Sales, and Purchase.
Number of Users: 12
Company Size: 12
Implementation Type: SaaS

About MS Standard
MS Standard is a cookware manufacturing business located on the grounds of Egypt. With over 10 years of experience in the cookware business and 25 years of experience in the manufacturing business, we provide all our partners with a highly unique quality of cookware accessories.

Business Impact
Every dish has several common ingredients, however, every chef has their own special secret ingredient that completes the dish for them. At MS Standard, they understood that regardless of what is put into the dish, it would never be complete without the right tools to help cook it. With a passion for the business and a great understanding of cookware, MS Standard has been operational for over 25 years, perfecting their processes. 

However, just as every business has, there are always gaps that can be filled. MS Standard realised that their biggest downfall was their inability to calculate the cost and costing methods accurately, due to their use of 'Quickbooks'. Although the solution could handle their finances, it couldn’t take in their manufacturing costs, unless it was manually inputted. 

That is when MS Standard turned to Odoo. They were looking for a solution that could run all of their operations, so that the business as a whole, would be integrated. In order to recreate MS Standard on Odoo, the following modules were implemented:


Since MS Standard draws its main information from the manufacturing module, it was important for them to make sure that all of the functions they required, were available. For example, having the option to create a bill of material (BoM), was great, however, having the option to calculate the cost of each product within the (BoM), helped them significantly. In the same effort to be more financially accurate in calculations, MS Standard adopted the FIFO method. In Odoo, this method makes bookkeeping more efficient, with a much clearer view of the company’s finances. Armed with the Odoo integrated solution, MS Standard is better able to plan for their future.

A Bright Future Ahead
"Managing the workflow in my company has never been easier! Being a director of operations things can get very complex in a short period of time. But thanks to Odoo I can simply think about something and the system helps me to manage it very quickly. Odoo simplifies my needs and comprehends the complexity of the business.”

Khaled Sheir, General Director and Partner at MS Standard

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