Limitless Shopping pushing the limits with Odoo

Company Name: Limitless Shopping

Country: United Arab Emirates

Industry: E-commerce

Company Size: 20-50 employees

Odoo Users: 40

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Mira Al Kamand 

The Star!

Limitless Shopping is a trendy e-commerce company selling home appliances, beauty, health, and skincare products. Founded in the UAE, over a short period of 3 years Limitless Shopping expanded to the KSA and Bahrain markets while streamlining its e-commerce operations through the Odoo platform.
The Obstacles

From the beginning, Limitless Shopping used to operate on a manual basis. As the business needs grew, the team began to implement various applications to support customer database management, inventory management, financial recording, etc. Having multiple applications that don’t communicate with each other brought even more manual tasks and delays in processes. 

While operating in different markets, Limitless Shopping had to deal with various currencies that needed to be manually converted. The team was working with individual CRM for each of the countries which were extremely inefficient and time-consuming. On top of that, previous CRM systems had no room for flexibility and weren’t scalable enough to deal with big data. The inventory management was heavily reliant on Excel tracking and manually monitored daily. As Limitless Shopping started running 3 warehouses in the UAE, Saudi and Kuwait, it was becoming increasingly difficult to monitor stock accurately and arrange replenishment on time. 

The Solution

After searching for software that can keep up with the increasing demand, Limitless Shopping has received a recommendation to look into Odoo. As the company is working on cash-on-delivery options, it was extremely important for them to have a well-organized sales cycle. With Odoo, after the lead is generated, it lands in CRM and is assigned to an appropriate salesperson. This way, the leads can be addressed in the shortest amount of time and converted into paying customers. With Odoo Limitless Shopping reduced the time of handling lead and order processes by 50%. Finally, employees can cut down on manual processes while the sales orders are created and confirmed automatically.

Dealing with international customers and multiple markets, Limitless Shopping is actively using the Project App to make sure that all the tasks are done on time and the deadlines are met. Additionally, the Project App is fully integrated with the Timesheets App, so the hours spent on specific tasks can be tracked and calculated automatically throughout the project.

When Limitless Shopping was introduced to the powerful Studio App, it presented an opportunity for them to create 3 core modules, personalized to best fit their business needs. The first module that was important for the company was After-sales. The app allows the customer support team to follow up on the orders that have been shipped and match the data with the reports they receive from the shipping company as they work on a cash-on-delivery basis. With the After-sales module, Limitless Shopping increased its delivery percentage from 55% to approx 65%.

Limitless Shopping also developed another essential module to help them with canceled orders, so that the team could take effective actions to retain these customers, such as creating personalized and attractive offers. From the moment the module was implemented, the lead conversion rate increased by 20%.

A data analysis module was also developed to support the company’s rapid growth, and allow them to pull all required data from the system and convert it into future strategies and growth plans. 

While using these customized modules, the team is also actively benefiting from the Help Desk and the rest of Odoo applications, including their favorite Studio App.

From the Source!

“Odoo is life-saving, flexible, and innovative. Odoo can offer so much to improve your business.” - Ekoi Deric, Senior Web Application Developer & IT Manager at Limitless Shopping

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