Fashion Fusion: Roca Boutique’s Empowering Story Enhanced by Odoo

Company Name: Roca Boutique

Location: Mexico City

Industry: Sale of Dresses

Apps Implemented: Sales, Inventory, Website, Accounting

Company Size: 9 Employees

Number of Users: 9

Roca Boutique, situated to the south of Mexico City, embodies a welcoming and warm atmosphere, embracing visitors with personalized care. In this inviting boutique lies a curated collection of exceptional designs, showcasing not only enormous Mexican talent and emerging brands but also featuring carefully selected international clothing chosen with quality.

Operated by dynamic and enterprising women, Roca Boutique serves as a platform for the imminent launch of their own brand, aligning with the prevailing trends in global high fashion. Essentially, Roca Boutique stands as a tangible extension of the thoughts, identities, and emotions of the Roca sisters, Maria Emilia and Regina.

"In perseverance, security, discipline, empathy with all our gender, respect for every living being, and the enormous pride of being Mexican women, this is how we have forged ourselves," share Maria Emilia and Regina Roca, reflecting on the founding principles of Roca Boutique. "These are the values we want to transmit, combined with the femininity and energy that we all possess within – that light which always makes us shine."

Facing Challenges and Embracing Innovation with Odoo

Before adopting Odoo, Roca Boutique faced challenges with their existing Enterprise Resource Planning system, which fell short of meeting their specific needs. Processes were laborious and time-consuming, prompting the search for a comprehensive ERP solution. Their quest led them to Odoo.

Gracco Julio Murguia from Roca Boutique recounts, "We chose Odoo because they gave us the opportunity to try the trial version. It allowed us to experience the system firsthand, ensuring it aligned with our requirements. In the end, it suited what we were looking for."

Transformative Impact of Odoo on Roca Boutique's Operations

The integration of Odoo into Roca Boutique's operations proved to be a transformative journey. Gracco Julio Murguia highlights the substantial improvements across various facets of their business. "In sales, it practically streamlined the point-of-sale process and sales record-keeping. In accounting, it simplified the invoicing process. Regarding purchasing, it has proven quite useful by providing real-time inventory data."

For Roca Boutique, Odoo is an "Excellent Tool" that has significantly enhanced their operational efficiency and overall business experience. As they continue to evolve in the ever-changing landscape of the fashion industry, Roca Boutique stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and technological mastery.

About Roca Boutique

Roca Boutique partnered with Odoo to maximize the power of its modules and create custom reports. Since integrating Odoo into their operations, Roca Boutique has experienced improvement in efficiency across their processes, contributing to a more effective workflow. This has translated into notable success for Roca Boutique.

Roca Boutique is a space where Mexican talent and emerging brands are promoted. ROCA BOUTIQUE is an extension of what the sisters Maria Emilia and Regina Roca think, what they are and what they feel.

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