A tale of 30 years of advocating for animal rights

Company Name: Fondation 30 Millions d'Amis

Location: France

Industry: NPO

Company Size: <50

Odoo Users: <30

Hosting Type: On Premise

Apps: Accounting, Website, Timesheet, Inventory, Project, Sales, CRM, Employees, Contact

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Are you familiar with 30 Millions d'Amis? It is a foundation that has been advocating for animal rights for over 30 years. The organization works on all fronts, raising awareness and educating new generations to respect life in all its forms. It aims to contribute to a society that evolves towards better animal consideration.


Centralization: the key to efficiency

At the time of the creation of the association by Jean-Pierre Huttin in 1995, using an ERP was the least of the concerns. As the world evolved, so did the need for the association to modernize its operations.

In 2014, the association revamped its operational setup by choosing Odoo as THE SOLUTION. This move aimed to reduce the spread of resources across several softwares and files and, instead, mark a significant milestone in its commitment to centralization.

This shift toward Odoo wasn't only to become “data-centric” but to adopt a holistic mindset and update the operational processes to tackle the current challenges effectively. 

Modern times call for modern solutions to modern problems, RIGHT?

To answer those problems, 30 Millions d’Amis aimed to make administrative tasks more efficient, and manage grants, budgets, and financing requests more effectively. The organization also improved the connections between various documents, making information more accessible.

Handling grant/budget/financing requests, generating documents, improving inter-document links, and providing more direct and easy access to information saved time for the teams and made workloads more manageable. The increased efficiency even allowed for better cross-referencing of data, helping the association to gain valuable insights and build robust statistical frameworks.

Centralization: the key to efficiency

One notable aspect of this transformation is reduced processing time for administrative tasks. The association shared:

"In terms of time spent by the teams, if we had not implemented Odoo, it would take twice as long to process the files. Odoo allows our teams to save a lot of time since the data is centralized, and access to information is easy."

 Renald Fere • Digital Strategy Partner - Odoo referent

This testimonial highlights the pivotal role Odoo played in enhancing operational efficiency.

Really happy with its success using Odoo, 30 Millions d’Amis has identified its next steps to optimize its processes further. The organization is planning to incorporate the electronic signature module and would also like to create a town hall portal to track subsidies granted by town halls. This essentially involves automation to save time for the team further.

As 30 Millions d'Amis continues its journey with Odoo, the association remains dedicated to its mission, confident that a centralized and efficient operational structure is crucial for making a lasting impact in the world of animal advocacy.

Implementation Partner

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