Spravujte faktúry


Use shortcuts to get the most out of the text editor. Type / and see all the features offered by the editors.

Spolupracujte so svojím tímom

Work simultaneously on an article and improve your knowledge base together.

Výkonný textový editor

Start typing, then use Odoo'a editor to format your text any way you like.

Items lists

Choose among many formats (item list, item kanban, item cards, item calendar) to personalize your page.


Create a /clipboard text block that you can easily insert as a message, as terms & conditions, or as a description in Project, CRM, Sales…

Autosave and revision history

Never lose your past and current work.

Export as pdf

Download the view and information you need.

Create articles

Choose the article format, and write and share all the information the way you want by adding cover pictures and many more editing tools.


Get access to plenty of royalty-free images through the integrated Unsplash image library.

Content from other apps

Knowledge allows to retrieve content views from other apps.


You can share articles with internal or external users and select editing accesses.

Sharing online

You can generate a URL link so everyone can view the article.


You can create your own categories and divide your content the way you prefer.


You can personalize your knowledge base with properties. The property fields are shared between child articles.