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Mooslackengasse 17
1190 Wien 235
+43 (1) 23060 - 4095

"We Trust in Open IT" hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht betriebliche Integration und Planung mittels IT für Unternehmen zu vereinfachen und vor allem die Flexibilität und Mobilität ohne Abhängigkeiten zu proprietären Software Produkten für seine Kunden zu wahren.

Unsere Lösungen bauen auf der Arbeit von vielen ambitionierten und erfahrenen Akteuren aus der ganzen Welt auf und sind mit den generischen und modulhaften Ansätzen kombiniert mit unserem Know-How Gold wert.

Wir helfen gerne und besitzen den notwendigen Perfektionismus, um Ihr Projekt zu einer Erfolgsgeschichte zu formen.

Prozessoptimierung und flexible Abbildung von Ihren Geschäftprozessen sind unsere Stärken und in weiterer Folge Ihr Mehrwert.


"We Trust in Open IT" started with the plan to simplify business integration and operational planning with IT and is especially eager to preserve flexibility and mobility without dependencies on proprietary software products for its customers.

Our solutions are built on the work of many ambitious and experienced players from all over the world and based on the use of generic module and stick approaches in combination with our know-how are worth gold.

We love what we do and have the necessary perfection to form your project a success story.

Process optimization and flexible mapping of your business processes are our strengths, and subsequently your added value.


AINA is a company based in Lower Austria which is selling high-quality cosmetics specialized in sheep's milk products online and offline.
Kendl’s e.U. - Sabine Kernbichler
Kendl's e.U. is an exclusive distribution partner of the brand Picard in Austria and is using besides Odoo PoS in it's retail store in Vienna where they are selling beautiful handbags, suitcases and leather goods.
Legumium Gemüsekombüse
Legumium is a startup located in Wiener Neudorf nearby the capital Vienna.They use OpenERP POS, Manufacturing and Warehouse mangement in order to manage their Bistro-Restaurant and the connected production of their main product LeguMMus which is ...
PAYUCA is a dynamic start-up and motivated team of young entrepreneurs based in Vienna and keen enough to provide a solution for opening up private parking space by an innovational technological solution (M2M and bluetooth) for short to medium term parking in city areas where it is quite a burden to find a reasonable parking lot.
Reclay UFH GmbH
Reclay UFH GmbH is based in Vienna and part of the Reclay Group. They are certified and provider of an official licensing system for Austrian waste management. They track and manage with Odoo all waste management related operations including the collection of waste, transporting, sorting and recovery all over Austria which includes the Inventory management over 550 warehouses and locations, about 750.000 weight notes and the invoice control of about 10.000 invoices related to these services provided by their partners a year. This was achieved by development of several modules using and supporting Sale, Purchase, Inventory Management and Accounting in order to minimize and optimize the costs of management and monitoring.
Reclay Österreich GmbH
Reclay Österreich GmbH is based in Vienna and part of the Reclay Group. They are providing services for efficient and educated waste management in Austria and have several subsidaries in other European countries. They use Odoo to sell and provide licensing services and mangament of waste materials which is handled mainly by its partner company Reclay UFH. CRM, Sale, Purchase and Inventory mangement are the core modules used in combination with highly developed own modules to run their daily business.
WorkTrail allows you to keep track of your work in real time. Easily manage your projects and tasks, log your work and don't worry about interruptions or sudden task switches.
Trend-Visions-Trading GmbH
Trend-Visions-Trading GmbH is a company based in Vienna and is specialized in trading and licensing Walt Disney & Co and is providing individual solutions for merchandising in order to get the goods sold in retail stores all over the country. They are following and identifying international trends and are always up-to-date about licensing products. They use Odoo to manage their daily business of trading goods with modules like CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory Management and Accounting.
"We Trust in Open IT" hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht betriebliche Integration und Planung mittels IT für Unternehmen zu vereinfachen und vor allem die Flexibilität und Mobilität ohne Abhängigkeiten zu proprietären Software Produkten für seine Kunden zu wahren.

Woom GmbH
WOOM, the bike company that focuses all of its time and energy to design high quality and lightweight bikes for children of all ages.
Xioneer Systems GmbH
Xioneer Systems is a start-up located in Vienna who are using Odoo as a full ERP solution. They are a mixed team of business professionals, electronic, software and hardware engineers focused to bring really innovative and disruptive 3D-printing solutions to the market. They are not just a hardware provider, but complement their products with software, and strive to provide unique 3D-printing experience to their customers.
cuuluu GmbH
Cuuluu - House of Light is a lightning designer, reseller and exclusive distributor of modern lights.
mdesign Business Services GmbH
viennaresidence is a innovative company based in Vienna who is connecting premium appartments with their premium guests (currently in Vienna and Frankfurt). They use Odoo for making the mangement of their highly tailored website and online offer easier and therefore manage billing, helpdesk and other tasks more efficient than before. They have a passion for Open Source and appreciate the work already done by Odoo, partners and the community and plan to integrate more and more into their business processes over time.
rausgebrannt e.U. - Ing. Rameder Bernhard
Design and Advertising company in Vienna which is working with different materials and technologies for their creative artwork in order to attract and convince agencies and customers. Laser technology is their main focus for making beautiful applications on a variety of materials. They use Odoo as a full erp system starting from CRM to Sales, Inventory management and Accounting.