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Junari Ltd

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Junari Ltd
1 London Road
IP1 2HA Ipswich
United Kingdom
01206 625225

Junari started out in 2006, and since 2011 has been dedicated to delighting businesses with excellent OpenERP and Odoo implementations.  As of 2021 we have delivered around 40 OpenERP and Odoo systems, handholding our customers throughout the process.

Customer service is a priority for us, with a dedicated support portal available to all customers at all times.  Our consultants and developers bring unparalleled customer experience with our technical expertise and advanced insights into business processes and automation:

Our specialisms include:

Sales Purchases Jobs, Contracts



Supporting service-based businesses

Stock Control Manufacturing eCommerce

Inventory, Warehouse, Barcoding etc.

BoM, Kits, Product Variants, Work Centres, Work Orders, Subcontracting, Routing, Production Schedules etc.

For both Retail and Wholesale

Advanced Portals Advanced Dashboards
and Reporting

Access for your suppliers, customers, members etc - with our own additional unique layer of customisations

Customise your own dashboards and make them available just to those who need them



Agile Approach

  • Agile isn’t a buzzword for us - our approach to delivery (project management, development  etc.) ensures that we collaborate closely with all of our customers at every stage, ensuring each solution meets their needs.

Unique library of pre-built enhancements

  • The benefits don't stop there - we have a library of pre-built enhancements and integrations to kickstart your project - available between 0% and 50% of the cost of direct sale once you sign up to work with us.

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