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DimeSoft Business Solutions Inc
1440 Beaumont Ave, Suite A2379
Beaumont, CA 92223
United States
+1 951-928-1990

DimeSoft Business Solutions Inc

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DimeSoft Business Solutions is a very active Odoo partner based in Southern California, USA. Since 1991 we’ve been providing businesses like yours with customized software solutions to optimize your workflows and make you more efficient and profitable.


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Email: sales@dimesoftinc.com
Phone: (951) 928-1990


DimeSoft has a well-established process for your Odoo implementation. We start by learning about your business by performing a BPR (Business Process Review). Once we understand your challenges and workflows, we work to configure Odoo to fit your unique needs. We provide development services in case we need to “file down any rough edges” to made Odoo more effective for you.

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Our over 30 years of experience have taught us that every business is different. We have successfully implemented systems from dozens of different types of industries. We got our start with egg farms back in the 90s. We’ve worked with necktie manufacturers, furniture rental companies, food product manufacturers, vehicle parts distributors, retail and wholesale e-commerce companies, and many, many more.







Trailer Parts Depot - Distribution and E-Commerce

Using Odoo "end-to-end" to handle everything from accounting through inventory control, receiving, E-Commerce, fulfillment, and customer service. We built many customizations including enhanced website navigation, shipping software integration, and detailed sales analysis tools.

Awards & Certifications

DimeSoft Business Solutions Inc is proud to be Odoo Version 16 certified!



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Trailer Parts Depot
Trailer Parts Depot was established in 2004 as an online e-commerce store. They supply both wholesale and retail customers and ship all over the world. TPD prides itself in customer service and has an experienced staff to help with your trailer needs.
Zarc International, David Froelich
Zarc International, Inc.™ is the leading manufacturer of pepper sprays for law enforcement as well as consumers. For nearly 40 years, Zarc™ has been the leading provider of pepper spray for law enforcement plus the military—in the U.S. and worldwide.