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Agilis Enterprise Solutions, Inc.

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Agilis Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
Unit 302, LA O' Business Centre
1000 Antonio Arnaiz Avenue Street
1223 Makati LAG
+63 2232 4117

Originally founded as BiZ1 in 2011 by a group of established business professionals and management experts to help Filipino business owners automate and integrate their operations, the company was later reorganized and strengthened into Agilis in 2017. Pursuing the same vision and mission, the management is now in the capable hands of a younger, more dynamic team who is dedicated to making life for the Filipino entrepreneur easier, and way more efficient and productive.

How we see it is that majority of Philippine businesses, particularly small and medium sized enterprises, are increasingly going for automation and integration in their operations. They want to eliminate or significantly reduce losses in time, money, and opportunities; improve efficiency and productivity; and enhance their competitiveness and profitability. They are looking for the company that can bring the most value at the best price point to help them achieve these goals. This is where Agilis comes in.

Although we are not the biggest, have not been in the business for thirty years, and we do not have thousands of clients (yet) across the globe, what we do have is a deep and clear inside out understanding of how it is to start, run, and grow small and medium-sized businesses. We have experienced the difficulties, committed the mistakes, learned from them and successfully navigated the way to come out victorious on the other side. We know the Filipino business owners’ struggles and we are here to help and work with them every step of the way to get through their challenges and achieve the success and fulfilment they all aspire for.


Agilis Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
Agilis Enterprise Solutions, Inc.
The Philippines’ #1 provider of affordable fully integrated business automation tools for MSME owners & entrepreneurs

AGILIS is the preferred partner of the Filipino Entrepreneur and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) business owner in integrating and automating their operations. AGILIS’ user-friendly and affordable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions greatly help in enhancing their efficiency and productivity for greater effectiveness and healthier profits.