AI-powered Expense Automation

AI that makes fewer mistakes than human accountants.

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How does it work?

Receipt scanning
Just take a picture
OCR Artificial Intelligence Directly on your smartphone
That's all!
You only need to validate
One-click validation Learning your preferences

Don't waste your time

You don't need to wait and forgot to encode your expense

Just take a picture of your ticket when you got it and that's all!

Automatic classification

No more time spend to specify the right product for your expense

The AI will categorize your expense and learn from your preferences. You only need to choose the product once per category and the next time the system will choose the right one for you.

Simplify your workflow

Odoo’s AI-powered ticket processing will help you become a paperless company.

Not only is the processing of data much faster, but the collection of documents too. You can scan your ticket with Odoo's mobile app and let Odoo Documents process them in batch!

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