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Business management for students

Discover business
management by taking the role
of an employee

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By visiting LabOdoo, students will immerse themselves in the day-to-day life of a company and tackle real-world business challenges using Odoo. They will explore multiple job roles and gain practical skills and experience about the world of work.

Multiple categories

The 9 departments present in LabOdoo are divided into 3 categories


Accounting, HR and Field Service Management


Project Management, Inventory and Manufacturing


Point of Sale, eCommerce, Sales and Purchase

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Introducing LabOdoo

Introduce your class to
business management while
having fun!

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Be ready to play!

LabOdoo comes to your academic institution (high-schools, universities, colleges), and only takes 1 hour to set up!

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For all classes

Economics, Practice Enterprises, Introduction to the creation of enterprises, Accounting, Management, System of Information, Entrepreneur, …

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Discover how you can prepare your students a maximum for this activity and, most importantly, how you can continue the Odoo experience with your class after the LabOdoo.

Inside LabOdoo

Plenty of room

The trailer can accommodate up to 27 people simultaneously. The activity in the lab is supervised by the LabOdoo facilitator.

Teacher and students at LabOdoo

How it works

In groups of three, participants will take on the roles of employees from three different departments. For each department, a challenge is given. Using the instructions and equipment provided, the students will have to solve the challenge in the Odoo software in under 15 minutes. Then move on to another department until they've completed a challenge in all 3 categories.

The total duration is of 1:30 hour (60 minutes of workshops and 15 minutes for the introduction and 15 for the conclusion).

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Get 24 months of unlimited access to Odoo online

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Play Scale‑Up! the business game

Play Scale‑Up!
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