Two MOs at the same time?

Benjamin Sandler

Hello there,
I have a question regarding MOs. I'll try to explain it to you as visually as possible:

In our manufacturing facility we have a work station that is one big table. Two employees can work at this table at the same time. Usually they work on independet MOs.

The issue is, that although working on different MOs, the MOs can actually be about the same BOM. Or said differently: Employee A is building our product "scooter", while employee B is also building a scooter.

Now the issue is, that we have difficulties integrating this way of working in Odoo:

1) If we set the table up as one work center, and create two MOs, they are scheduled in sequence, although employee B would be free to start working on the scooter now.

2) If we divide the table in two work centers, we would have to create one BOM for "Work Center 1" and one separate BOM for "Work Center 2".

Our preferred solution would be 1), where the MO is scheduled as early as possible, if the capacity of the work center is not fully used up yet. - But we do are struggling to set up Odoo in a way where it actually works this way.

Maybe some of you do have an idea?

Thank you very much in advance for your feedback.

Formalities: We use Odoo12, hosted with Odoo.

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The only way seems in V12 is to setup different BOM with Different routing.

But We have the option of 'Alternative work-centre'  in our latest version-13.In which you can manage to perform the same operation in different WCs. You just need to setup the 'Alternative WC' in your main WC settings and the system will automatically plan your next order to that WC if main WC is busy in another operation.