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Most forms allows you to add Attachments.

Where are these attachments stored? Somewhere in the database, or maybe somewhere in the server's file system?


I want to learn. Openerp what is the. First step?

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In OpenERP v7, by default, attachments are stored in the database. You may choose to store them on the filesystem by setting an ir.config.parameter (Settings->Technical->Parameters-System parameters) named ir_attachment.location

Example if you set ir_attachment.location to file:///filestore

They will be stored in the filesystem at openerp root_path/filestore, the new system uses sha1 to generate the filename so that duplicate files don't take more space.

Only the file:/// scheme is implemented, modules can implement additional scheme like amazons3:///

In database mode the data is stored in ir_attachment.db_datas.
Filestore mode file name is stored in ir_attachment.db_datas_fname.

Those names suck but we kept them for backwards compatibility.

No automatic conversion mechanism exists.

If you set this parameter existing attachments remain stored in the database, only NEW ones will be stored in the filesystem. But the system will try both location so it's not a problem (db_datas is checked first then db_datas_fname).

If you remove this parameter you should manually store back the files in the database because the system will only look in the database.


My documents where moved from filesystem to database, if I do set this parameter to filesyste are those attachments moved to filesystem and deleted from data base?

Default tries to create 'filestore' in /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/openerp. For backups, we put our 'non-standard' files in /opt/openerp

mkdir /opt/openerp/filestore

ln -s /opt/openerp/filestore /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/openerp/filestore

I see the question is for v7. But I have read on several places on this forum and launchpad filestore is not available for v7. I assume your answer is for v6 series. Anyway for me as an v6.1 user it is very informative.

Thanks. Now I am puzzled. See bug report. . Anyway is the answer for v6.1 the same?

It works for V7 as Antony describes above. But it seems to corrupt the files when storing to the file system but not when using the database. I am testing this Windows 7. Am I missing something with the file system setup or is this a known problem.

I recall something about v6.x, storing documents on file system and Windows being a bad combination. Not sure if that applies to v7 or if in fact I am correct about that being not recommended .. will see if I can track that reference down.

Thanks. I have now tried it on Linux but it doesn't work there either

All file types? All sizes? Not a known problem that I am aware of (having it working fine myself with Linux)

Yes all types of file and all sizes

That's a complete answer ;-)

Is there a way to migrate from database to filestore after doing this configuration?

Thank you very much for the information, really helpful! I was wondering if it's possible to store the files on a remote location (e.g. a folder on the NAS). I tried to replace filestore with a mounted shared folder, but it didn't work. Did anybody accomplish that?

Hi Luca, yes we did it on linux. you can't replace the filestore with a mounted shared folder. In fact we didn't succeed to place the folder anywere else than in the openerp folder install... which in cleary not god for many reason...

anyway, you could mount the folder you selected to a shared folder... that's all you can do...

Is this possible to save same file name... example: i attached a ABC.txt file need to store as ABC.txt in that path.

Is it possible to store file via CDN?

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In case you need to migrate your attachments after changing the storage from database to filestore, you can use the following script (use only on OpenERP 7.x):


import xmlrpclib

username = 'admin' #the user
pwd = 'password'      #the password of the user
dbname = 'database'    #the database

# Get the uid
sock_common = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy ('<URL>/xmlrpc/common')
uid = sock_common.login(dbname, username, pwd)
sock = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy('<URL>/xmlrpc/object')

def migrate_attachment(att_id):
    # 1. get data
    att = sock.execute(dbname, uid, pwd, 'ir.attachment', 'read', att_id, ['datas'])            

    data = att['datas']

    # Re-Write attachment
    a = sock.execute(dbname, uid, pwd, 'ir.attachment', 'write', [att_id], {'datas': data})

# SELECT attachments:
att_ids = sock.execute(dbname, uid, pwd, 'ir.attachment', 'search', [('store_fname','=',False)])

cnt = len(att_ids)        
i = 0
for id in att_ids:
    att = sock.execute(dbname, uid, pwd, 'ir.attachment', 'read', id, ['datas','parent_id'])

    print 'Migrated ID %d (attachment %d of %d)' % (id,i,cnt)
    i = i + 1

print "done ..."

After running the script, clean up your ir_attachments table:

update ir_attachment set db_datas = null where store_fname is not null
vacuum (full, analyze) ir_attachment

Replace <URL> with your OpenERP installation URL (sorry for that, I do not have enough Karma to post the standard localhost link). Thank you very much to Andreas Brückl for providing the script for OpenERP 6.x (question 711, cannot post the link for same Karma issue).


I tried the script and it fails with " 'int' object is not iterable "

This script is perfect !.. Don't forget to set ir_attachment.location before using it.

Hi, I got this error message when I run this script: 'list indices must be integers, not str'. Anyone can help???

Hi, I setup "ir_attachment.location=file///filestore" in openERP first, but then when I run the script above nothing happens, means no folder is created in openERP install directory. The script ends with "done...", so no errors. I cannot access documents through openERP interface, I get an error. The only way to restore the documents is with the script. Any ideas? Thank you!

In case you have migrated from previous version via OPW, your ir_attachment table mak have an extra field "data" that contains the legacy version of the attachments. That can amount to a lot of data, so you may want to drop this field too and vacuum again.

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Please note that in Odoo version, this has changed. The parameter ``ir_attachment.location`` can only take the value ``file`` or ``db``. There's no more ``file:///my/path`` stuff.

It should be noted that an action ``force_storage`` is available on ``ir_attachment`` object and could be easily triggered from python, xmlrpc, or a button to force all the existing attachment to follow the value you have set in ``ir_attachment.location``.


So with this, in odoo, you can switch from file store to db store quite easily.

To be noted also: 'file' is the default value of the parameter ``ir_attachment.location``.





Edit link doesn't work... don't forget: 'vacuum (full, analyze) ir_attachment;' that should definitively be executed by ``force_update``... but well.

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lThank You Giulio Marcon, your script helped me do migrate my attachment files from database OpenERP 7 to file-system.  I only had to change the line

data = att['datas']


data = att[0]['datas']

in order to get rid of the message " 'int' object is not iterable "

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Attachments are store in ir_attachment table as binary data.

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after a few research i found the original files are stored in file system in my ubuntu 18 is 

home->.local->share->odoo->filestore->your_db_name->the first 2 character of the offset of your attachment folder->here you can find the file uploaded by you. 


but these are in encrypted format.

how to get the exact file like attachment.txt or attachment.shp etc

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You have two options for store attachment. Database: irattachment table Folder: ../server/filestore/databasename/

Stored in a folder of your operating system is more efficient. You can see it in Storage configuration

Moisés López - Vauxoo


Can you provide more details on hoe to setup the option you want? (

This is not valid for V7 version. I did not find anyway to setup document attachment in file system .. I think Postgres database is not the right location to store binary file ! Why filesystem option has been removed ?

I came to the same conclustion to Nicolas. Can't find anymore where to configure the filestorage. Looking at the code filestores is marked as deprecated.

The script is perfect and work fine. In v7 how to specify a path like /var/filestore/databasename instead of server/filestore/databasename ? Is there a reason to have that directory within the server code ? How can I chage it (if it's possible) ? Thanks.

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I see this bug was reported for Windows. We have it with Linux as well - all file types and sizes

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If Knowledge Management module is installed, attachments will be stored only in the file system.. No option to store in DB

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Thank you for the script.

When I try to extract all the documents stored in the database to the file system via XMLRPC, I notice a huge memory usage.

Is there's a way to limit the memory used ?

Thank you.

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Version 6 had the option to save attachments onto the file system.

Unfortunately this functionality has been removed from v7 and currently the only option, as Francesco says above, stores them as binary data in the ir_attachment table.

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This is a bad feature!

Edit: Sorry, it is correct, this is a comment a not an answer


This kind of comment isn't welcome in this Q&A format and surely shouldn't be posted as an answer (maybe as a comment in the worst case scenario).