What order do you setup users, employees, contacts? odoo13

Ramzi Khouri

I am trying to setup users, Employees and Contacts.

I setup users, I setup Employees and gave them user. Then I discover that in Contacts I do not see the phone number and email of the Employee nor do I see the two studio fields I added in Employees.

Who do I setup first, Contacts, Users or Employees or other way around?

Are they all different and we have to set them up 3 separate?

(I am aware about the differences between users, Employees, and contacts but i need to know about how to setup)

Using Studio, I added two fields to Employees form. I was expecting to see it in the Contacts form (employee) but did not. My ultimate goal is that I am trying to add some code field to an employee to show in contacts.

Rather than trial and error I thought I would ask our wonderful community.

If you can also direct me to the official explanation if this exists I would appreciate it.

Ramzi Khouri

Thank you Huhammed. This is a good summary but does not answer my question. 

- Is there a way from Contact module to see  if Contact is an employee? (other than company contacts)

- Can I create a contact and give them employee status from the contact module, or do I need to create Employee all over again in the Employee module?

- Can I create a new contact in the contact module and from this contact module create a user status for them? (Same like in Employee module--> HR Setting Tab--> Status)?