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I have upgraded from Odoo Online to SH how can i clone my DB from the online Version?

I have tried to download the DB then retrieveit as backup but it doesnt work

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Export Data from Odoo Online: In your Odoo Online instance, export your database's data. Odoo provides tools within the online platform to export data in different formats like CSV or XML.

  1. Prepare for Migration: Make sure you have a backup of your database from Odoo Online and any customizations or configurations you've made.
  2. Set up Odoo SH Instance: If you haven't already, set up your Odoo SH instance. You can do this through the Odoo SH platform.
  3. Import Data to Odoo SH: Once your Odoo SH instance is set up, use the migration tools provided by Odoo to import your data into the new SH instance. Odoo provides tools and documentation for migrating data between instances.
  4. Test and Verify: After importing the data, thoroughly test your Odoo SH instance to ensure that all data and configurations are correctly transferred. Check for any discrepancies or missing data.
  5. Deploy Customizations: If you have any custom modules or configurations, make sure to deploy them to your Odoo SH instance. You can use Git integration or manually upload your custom modules.
  6. Go Live: Once everything is tested and verified, you can switch to using your Odoo SH instance for your production environment.

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Sign in to the Odoo Online Database Manager click on the gear icon and download the database backup 

And Import the database in Odoo sh in the Production Branch 

Check this forum

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as i mentioned up it doesnt work with me like this i get as the picture below

Just ensure that you have same odoo versions in odoo sh and odoo online, odoo sh wont support intermediate versions like 16.1, 16.2 etc.

If the db restoring is fine, try upgrading the base module and see