Unable to use Pick Component Feature MRP


We are unable to confirm a sale order with a product that need to be manufactured.
For example, Product A can be manufacture from Product B,C and D. Noted that manufacture route is selected.

This is the error that I got:

There is no matching vendor price to generate the purchase order for product B (no vendor defined, minimum quantity not reached, dates not valid, ...). Go on the product form and complete the list of vendors. There is no Bill of Material of type manufacture or kit found for the product C. Please define a Bill of Material for this product.
Eventhough we have stock on both product.

I think this error happend because of the way I set up Manufacturing route, where I have selected Pick Component + Manufacture (2 Steps), since when I select the option to Manufacture in 1 step there is no error. Therefore I think that there is something wrong with the way that I setup rules and routes, therefore is it possible be to return a default setting of rules and route.