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Here in the UK the tax man (HMRC) are about to take, one great big firm grasp of ones Go-nads!

From April 2019, businesses that are registered for VAT and have turnover above the VAT registration threshold of £85,000 will be required to keep digital records for VAT purposes and submit their VAT return to HMRC through MTD compatible software.

Will Odoo be compliant?

Does anyone have any advise or pointers where we can start to investigate?


Does anyone know what $#!£ in what format they want?


Just in case you are a smart cookie, and fancy doing a bit of coding....

HMRC Developer Hub....>>>>


If you like reading :)




VAT Developer Info


Try and work out what they actually want? - Appears to be a secret!

Option 1

Some good "sole" who knows what they are really doing, writes a little odoo app and shares it for free or little coinage :)

Option 2

Even with my limited software knowledge, having a quick look around "HMRC dev site".....we can do that....Pooofff!

Try and drag out of Odoo the relevant information, save as a, whatever format, and upload as a file using HMRC of the shelf API. Bit of luck I'll crash there system :)

Option 3

Replace Odoo :(

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We are currently developing a Making Tax Digital solution for Odoo.
The Beta should be complete around November and if anyone is interested in adopting and providing feedback on the Beta then let us know.




interested - currently V9 but will be migrated to 10.0

I am currently upgrading to V11 - would be interested in trialling the Beta

Hi Peter. I am very much interested in being MTD beta tester. I use Odoo 12. I would like to ask about HMRC RTI Payroll integration. Have you done any integration HMRC RTI Payroll with Odoo?

If anyone is interested in being a beta tester or finding out more about what we are working on, please email and one of our team will be able to assist you

Hi All, Anyone who wants to sign up to be a beta tester for our MTD Odoo solution can do so here: Also this will be compatible with Enterprise and Community v8-12


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It doesn't look like Odoo will be compatible, and if it is I'm guessing that the Enterprise/commercial version will be the only one supported if any.  As a result, I have started to look for an alternative.  Our local accountant has said that they are able to submit VAT returns for us via another package so that we can continue to use Odoo, but perhaps it is time to ditch the community edition.


Cheers Andrew, I think HMRC are sailing into a storm, they are creating a monopoly for a few of their closest cronies - I cannot find any information on what they want submitting, God knows what the millions of spreadsheet'ers are going to do!

Have you found any technical specs of how the data should be sent to the Revenue?


Piotr - Please see "edits" above

Hi guys, we support EE and CE version 10.0, 11.0, 12.0 and soon 13.0.

Our connector is fully supported as it's correctly funded with a rate of 35GBP per submission.

This value allows us to keep supporting all versions with new things like: security headers, oAuth2 and many more that will be required in the future roadmaps.

Contact me at or checkout

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Odoo is MTD ready with

Odoo is MTD ready for both Enterprise version and Community. Checkout our ODOOMTD connector, recognized by HMRC at developed by Will be ready for all other MTD phases as well.

It's also available for other partners to resell.

Why we decide to provide the connector as service?

API software credentials are issued by HMRC to the software vendor, so if something happens with those credentials all customers can be locked.

Now, since the code is visible on the App store, we could expose those credentials and that would lead to a uncontrolled situation. Also, doing this as a service will allow us to progressively improve other related MTD phases.

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Dear all,

This is to formally announce that our Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT solution is now been completed and recognized by HMRC. You can find us on HMRC portal by searching for keyword 'Open Source'

For more details of our 'MTD Compliant - Odoo' solution please checkout this page

If you like to try our module please avail it from Odoo App store, as below or you can contact us directly:

Thank you !


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Hi Guys, any update on this ?

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I have spoken with my Odoo Account manager and this question him. He asked his team came back to me. He said Odoo already known MTD and planned to start it very soon. As they know April 2019 all UK business has to start using MTD compatible accounting software. I also asked RTI Payroll and I was told also in planned to do with MTD.


is your Odoo online or community? Is your Account manager from Odoo, or are they a 3rd party?

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Any more updates on this?

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Hi Peter 

I have a few customers who will be Interested in the Making Tax Digital Solution.

let me Know how best to go about this.