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Hi, I have a business requirement which are- one of my store will provide me some data in excel format, and with the help of that data, we have to import it in odoo and then it should generate some reports based on fields we will select. 

So is this thing possible with the odoo STUDIO?

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Yes, you can fulfill your business requirements using Odoo Studio. With Odoo Studio, you can:

Import Data: You can import data from Excel into Odoo using Studio's import functionality.

Customize Data Models: Define and customize data models to match the structure of your imported data.

Generate Reports: Use Studio to create customized reports based on the imported data and select specific fields for analysis.

Although Studio offers a great deal of customisation and report generation, developing completely new apps or making large-scale modifications may require further development beyond what Studio provides.

Hope it helps.


Hi, Thankyou, In odoo studio is it possible that (1)suppose I need to inherit some functionalities of sales module in my new custom module, so can we do this as well?
(2) One more thing, I have created 1 company in odoo, in that I have 2 branches so is it possible that the contacts between should not be visible to each others(which are currently visible to all the branches).
(3) If I am creating multiple websites within same db, so is it possible that I can have 3 diff users who can handle those 3 websites separately?

Please help in these, Thanks