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The default reports from Odoo, if you have a long PO or SO, the headers of the table with the orderlines in a PO are repeated on every new page.

While for a SO, the headers are not repeated.

It is a bit strange that the behavior is different.

Where exactly this function of repeating the header of the table is in the report xml ?

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Quite often you find the answer just when you posted it ...


Many thanks, I was just loking for this!

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I faced this issue in Odoo 15 and I found solution for it by doing the following:

1- Use the basic_layout (recommended) or you can use html_container instead of external_layout

2- Then add div with class="page" and add in this div everything you want to repeat, something like the below:


















Column header 1Column header 2Column header 3


Column header 1 Column header 2 Column header 3

After you restart your server and upgrade your module, when you print the report the header should be displayed repeatedly on each page.

I hop this helps you, thanks