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I have created a record rule using xml as follows:

<record id="filter_user_hotel" model="ir.rule">
            <field name="name">Filter Hotel Allowed</field>
            <field name="model_id" search="[('model','=','hotel.reservation')]" model="ir.model"/>
            <field name="groups" eval="[(4, ref('hotel.group_hotel_user'))]"/>
            <field name="domain_force">[('','=',]</field>

I created a new field in res.users "warehouse_id_hotel" so each user could see the records related to his warehouse only.

whenever I change the warehouse of the user changes don't take effect until I restart the server ,so  what is causing this behavior ?


You save my life too)))

Thanks, it works at odoo 15.

Best Answer

Hi Mohammed,

you have to override create and write method of hotel reservation. and use this code inside

def create(self, vals):
    return super(HotelReservation, self).create(vals)

def write(self, vals):
    return super(HotelReservation, self).write(vals)

Hope it will help.



You saved my life

Same problem in v12, clear_caches() helped, thanks !

Same issue faced with employee department in odoo 10. And clear_caches() worked. Thank You..