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Ray Carnes
On 3/16/14, 4:19 AM


  • It is not the case that there is a 'database' password.

  • It is not the case that a database somehow has knowledge of the password used to create it or required to back it up.

There are just USER passwords, or SYSTEM passwords.

Generic, unaltered PostgreSQL function calls are made for all database operations, including backup and restore.


pg_dump --format=c --no-owner --username=<> --host=<> --port=<> <dbname>


pg_restore --no-owner --dbname=<>

Note: on Windows, credentials are supplied via environment variables and/or additional files.

Verify this for yourself in the code at


There is one MASTER SYSTEM password, set in the OpenERP configuration file (something like /etc/openerp-server.conf but can be changed) or on the command line via admin_passwd=. It can also be changed via the UI, and in this case is stored in a resource file called .openerp_serverrc in the home directory of the user running the service.

Other passwords OpenERP uses:

1) SYSTEM: db_password - if a specific password is setup for OpenERP to log into PostgreSQL for administrative purposes.

2) USER: database specific passwords, created within each database.

TIP - If you can create databases but not back them up, try killing any idle PostgreSQL connections.

Thanks Ray for that very insightful feedback. In fact this is a windows environment and I am attempting to back up the database so that we can migrate to Linux. I think by your comment you seem to have suspected that. Any idea what the environment variables or or other files you speak of may be? Interestingly enough I can log into Postgres and do a manual backup of this database. Would that be sufficient for my migration to Linux or does the backup from the OpenERP interface include any additional data?

on 3/17/14, 2:43 AM

Sorry - I thought I was clear - the backup OpenERP performs is a PostgreSQL backup - I've posted the exact command line syntax for it.

Ray Carnes
on 3/19/14, 1:27 AM

Thanks for your advice Ray. It was really useful to me. How do I give you credit for this?

on 4/3/14, 7:41 AM

Thanks for your advice Ray. It was really useful to me. How do I give you credit for this?

on 4/3/14, 7:46 AM

At the top left corner of the answer I gave, you can click the up arrow to 'vote' for the answer to indicate it helped you. Please do this for any answer on the site you find helpful.

Ray Carnes
on 4/3/14, 2:59 PM

comand line admin_passwd= doesn't seem to exist in Odoo 11

Jonathan Leaders
on 7/18/18, 6:57 PM

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