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Correct way to inherit class & functionalities in custom module?

on 2/23/15, 8:47 AM 1,596 views

Hi guys

The default behaviour from A -> Z for creating quotations is perfect and I want a second method for 'Internal' quotations which does 99% the same. By default there is no customer filled in when you create a new quotation under sales. I now want a second menu item 'Internal quotations' which does the same as quotations but by default the customer 'Internal customer' should be filled in.

I've made a custom module 'aa_maatwerk' which makes the new menu item through XML:

<menuitem id="menu_item_offertes" name="Internal quotations" parent="base.menu_sales"
                  action="sale.action_quotations_intern" sequence="5"/>

As you can see this action links to sale.action_quotations_intern which is in the file sale_view.xml in the module sale. I've basicly copied the record action_quotations and then created a new one with the name action_quotations_intern like this:

<record id="action_quotations_intern" model="ir.actions.act_window">
            <field name="name">Offertes - Intern</field>
            <field name="type">ir.actions.act_window</field>
            <field name="res_model">sale.order</field>
            <field name="view_type">form</field>
            <field name="view_id" ref="view_quotation_tree"/>
            <field name="view_mode">tree,form,calendar,graph</field>
            <field name="context">{'search_default_my_sale_orders_filter': 0,'type':'internal'}</field>
            <field name="domain">[('partner_id.name','=','Intern'),('state','in',('draft','sent','cancel'))]</field>
            <field name="search_view_id" ref="view_sales_order_filter"/>
            <field name="help" type="html">
              <p class="oe_view_nocontent_create">
                Click to create a quotation, the first step of a new sale.
                Odoo will help you handle efficiently the complete sale flow:
                from the quotation to the sales order, the
                delivery, the invoicing and the payment collection.
                The social feature helps you organize discussions on each sales
                order, and allow your customers to keep track of the evolution
                of the sales order.

I now have two problems:
1) I would like to have everything in my custom module, to keep it seperated
2) When the user clicks on the menu item 'Internal quotations' the customer dropdown should be filled in by default with the customer 'Internal customer'.

Could anybody tell me how I can get all of this in one module, how to inherit this correctly and then fill in the customer name?
I have also inherited the sale class in sale_order.py in my custom module (aa_maatwerk) like this:

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from openerp import http
from openerp imports models, fields,api

class SaleOrder(http.Controller):
    _inherit = 'sale.order'
    type = fields.Selection(selection=type_sel, string='Type')

    #I assume that this should override the 'old' class/method somehow?
    def create(self, cr, uid, values, context=None):
       type = context.get('type',False)  # check for type in context
       if type == 'internal':
           values['partner_id'] = self.pool.get('res.partner').search(cr, uid, 'Internal customer')[0]  # assuming find WILL return one ID!
           values['type'] = 'internal'   # create with type internal...
           return super(sale_order, self).create(cr, uid, values, context=None)

And I've also added the data and dependencies in my __openerp__py file:

# any module necessary for this one to work correctly
    'depends': ['base','sale','procurement','purchase'],

    # always loaded
    'data': [
        # 'security/ir.model.access.csv',

But this doesn't seem to do anything and my customer is not filled in by default either.

With kind regards

Still no solution on this so I'll kindly 'bump' this.

on 2/24/15, 2:58 AM


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Lodz, Poland

On 2/23/15, 9:05 AM

Try this:

values['partner_id'] = self.pool.get('res.partner').search(cr, uid,[('name','=','Internal customer')])[0]  


try like this:

class SaleOrder(models.Model):
    _inherit = 'sale.order'
    def create(self,values):
        type = False
        if 'type' in self._context:
              type = self._context['type']
        if type == 'internal':
           partners = self.env['res.partner'].search([('name','=','Internal customer')])
           if partners:
               values['partner_id'] = partners[0].id
               values['type'] = 'internal'  
        return super(sale_order, self).create(values)



Thanks for the answer Zbik! Sadly nothing changes.. Is there an easy way to find out where the problem is? Perhaps I inherited something wrong or something isn't linked to the correct record.

on 2/23/15, 9:08 AM

Name == 'Internal customer'? try ('name','ilike','Internal customer')

on 2/23/15, 9:10 AM

No success either. I have a customer named exactly 'Internal customer' too so I think something else is wrong/not triggered..

on 2/23/15, 9:17 AM

answer updated

on 2/23/15, 9:42 AM

Thanks zbik but this doesn't work either! "default_partner_id": 1 seems to work as deep suggest but this does not fetch me the correct record so thats not yet a solution either. Do you think my class is never triggered or something since this doesn't work either?

on 2/23/15, 9:50 AM

@Yenthe, what Zbik is saying that your search syntax is incorrect, and Indeed it is.. So do have a look at it....

on 2/23/15, 9:58 AM

You enable debug and insert line _logger.info("FOO %s %s", 'VALUES', values) before return, and _logger.info("FOO %s %s", 'CONTEXT', self._context) at start. You change search([('id','=',ID)]) - replace name by ID.

on 2/23/15, 9:59 AM

I've added line_logger but nothing shows up. Even when I remove the return etc nothing changes and I get no errors. Looks like the method/class isn't even called?

on 2/23/15, 10:12 AM

you have "depends" : ['sale'] in __openerp__.py?

on 2/23/15, 10:15 AM

Yes I did! I've also added the code in my question which shows the data and depends.

on 2/23/15, 10:19 AM

odoo is owner your .py files? debug log must be!!! PS. In your code return is only after if - redundant spaces or tab

on 2/23/15, 10:26 AM

Yep user rights are fine for the Odoo user. The module also installs and the new menu items do show up, so it seems to have something to do with the sale_order.py file I assume. There is nothing in the logfiles.

on 2/23/15, 10:36 AM

In my code - typo, model.Model instedad of models.Model. You verify all indentation and before class you instert _logger.info("FOO %s %s", 'START', 'STARTED')

on 2/23/15, 10:53 AM

Hey zbik everything looks fine and I always indent with 4 spaces for every level. Picture: http://i.imgur.com/ksHhJEo.png File: http://pastebin.com/3H7BjV83 I don't see anything wrong?

on 2/23/15, 11:05 AM

my typo on picture - correct it

on 2/23/15, 11:09 AM

must be class SaleOrder(models.Model):

on 2/23/15, 11:14 AM

Corrected and still nothing in the log, no errors, no name filled in :s

on 2/23/15, 11:24 AM

addons path? you have more addons?

on 2/23/15, 11:25 AM

__init__.py include your class?

on 2/23/15, 11:27 AM

The __init__.py was the problem. Alright the file is loading correct now! Sadly your method is not filling in the customer though. What exactly should I import to use the logger? Could you add a little example please? I'll have to debug this I guess.

on 2/23/15, 11:48 AM

Picture of my code: http://i.imgur.com/WhQDRpb.png nothing is getting printed in my Ubuntu screen and neither in my logfile..

on 2/23/15, 11:57 AM

You add before class .... import logging _logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

on 2/23/15, 11:59 AM

I find another mistake, should be .....[0].id

on 2/23/15, 12:30 PM

But this is construction is right only if search result exists

on 2/23/15, 12:32 PM

answer updated

on 2/23/15, 1:29 PM

I've updated my code to yours but this doesn't do anything either.. :s The logging doesn't print anything either. http://i.imgur.com/TzpjTN4.png Any other ideas zbik? I'm really stuck on this one..

on 2/24/15, 2:16 AM

Move _logger = logging.getLogger(__name__) _logger.info("FOO %s %s", 'START', 'STARTED') before class. If *.py work must then be something in the log.

on 2/24/15, 3:01 AM

The logger never seems to go off and nothing is placed in the logfile, neither on the terminal. I've also removed 'sale_order.py' from the data in __openerp__.py because that shouldn't be done if I am correct.. So what now? :s

on 2/24/15, 3:34 AM

Send me all the files. I'll check on my system. darek@krokus.com.pl

on 2/24/15, 4:47 AM

Sent! Thanks Zbik!

on 2/24/15, 5:12 AM

Module sent!

on 2/24/15, 6:31 AM

Techno-Functional Associate with 7+ years of experience in Odoo (formerly known as OpenERP).

On 2/23/15, 8:55 AM

Everything seems to be fine.. however action which have wrote is not overriden properly...

It should be like this

<record id="sale.action_quotations_intern" ..../>

whenever you are trying to overide or inherit, always the convention is of "MODULE_NAME.XML_ID", so in your code, you missed it on action definition...


Sorry I forgot to tell you... In the action, pass default value for partner in the context... like this "default_partner_id": 1 (if the partner ID is straight forward)..

Otherwise in the PY class, define a default_get method, in that using context, you can identify from which menu it is been called, so if it is called from your custom menu, then set the desired partner ID



Try this code:


 def default_get(self, cr, uid, fields, context=None):

      res = super(sale_order, self).default_get(cr, uid, fields, context=context)
      type = context.get('type',False)  # check for type in context
      if type == 'internal':
          partner_ids = self.pool.get('res.partner').search(cr, uid, DOMAIN)
          res['partner_id'] = partner_ids and partner_ids[0] or False  # Will be assigning only one value
      return res

Thanks for the answer deep. I've changed action_quotations_intern to sale.action_quotations_intern in the file sale_view.xml (in the module sale) but nothing has changed. The customer still isn't filled in etc..

on 2/23/15, 9:00 AM

Plz find my edited answer

on 2/23/15, 9:35 AM

Do the particular code block of assigning partner in the default_get method...

on 2/23/15, 9:37 AM

Seems that your update is a big step in the good way. I've added the 'default_partner_id':1 and this fills in 'Your Company'. How could I now modify this to search for the customer 'Internal customer' and fill this one it? (Note: upvoted this already since it did help me already, thanks)

on 2/23/15, 9:38 AM

Thanks :) I just gave you an example w.r.t to XML in default, ID 1 represents Company Partner...

on 2/23/15, 9:50 AM

So in your case, you go with default_method in Py class ...

on 2/23/15, 9:51 AM

So how could I change this to load the customer 'Internal customer' dynamically and not by ID / hardcoded?

on 2/23/15, 9:51 AM

And dont forget to pass the type as "internal" from XML context...

on 2/23/15, 9:59 AM

Whatever I do those methods never seem to be called. When I do not return anything or program something that doesn't work there are no errors showing up in my Odoo. So there might be something else wrong?

on 2/23/15, 10:17 AM

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